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This 11-year-old has a better cork 900 than you

At age 11, most of us were picking our noses, launching spit balls across the cafeteria, slurping spaghetti and trying not to trip while we ran up the stairs. While young Tristan Feinberg may still do most of those things, life in his shoes is a little bit different; the Aspen, Colorado-native is working on dialing in his first double-flip on skis with the help of his coach, X Games champion Peter Olenick.

To put it simply, Feinberg is a child prodigy on the hill. His cork 900 in the pipe (0:50) looks better than most people’s twice his age, and his style is increasing at a rapid rate. According to Olenick, “Tristan has an incredible work ethic and attitude towards skiing. It’s really fun to watch him day-in and day-out.”

Be sure to witness the young gun’s skills in his season edit, above, and remember where you heard this little tyke’s name first.

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