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The jig is up: Rewatch the classic intro of MSP’s “The Hit List”

MSP’s 2005 film The Hit List is a classic, plain and simple. And while the movie features some incredible skiing, the scripted intro is one of the biggest reasons this movie is a must-watch for all skiers. The beginning of the film stars Shane McConkey, Ingrid Backstrom, Rory Bushfield, Andy Mahre, Mark Abma, Pep Fujas, Sarah Burke, JT Holmes, Hugo Harrison, Chris Benchetler, Chris Davenport, Eric Pollard, and Eric Hjorleifson as criminals on the run from the feds set to Styx’s 1978 masterpiece “Renegade.”

Intriguing and hilarious, this will be the best throwback video you watch today. Even with no skiing involved, MSP still shows its ability to capture its audience using creativity and comedy.

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