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Thayne Rich’s Epic Segment from “DELETE”

They say you can’t speak without making someone angry these days. Controversy is everywhere, this is true, and it can be tough to navigate what to say when you’re with friends and family in order to not step on anyone’s toes. But don’t worry, that’s why FREESKIER is here. Next time you’re at the family dinner table and want a nice, agreeable discussion, this is what you say: “Any and all Thayne Rich segments are objectively excellent! What’s everyone’s favorite?” Watch how the room will smile and nod. Soon, the whole fam will be talking about their favorite time Thayner went massive. Trust us, there are many of those times, so the discussion will go on for a while with good laughter and cheer all around.

Thayne Rich’s segment from “DELETE” really is a crowd-pleaser. Thanks to Strictly and 4FRNT Skis for uploading this gem.

Click here to check out the FREESKIER article on Strictly, one of skiing’s greatest crews.

From YouTube –

Thayne Rich has been dropping insane segments for over a decade with some of the biggest production companies in the world of skiing. His segment from last year, Strictly “DELETE,” was one of his best ever, filled with huge switch stomps and heavy backcountry lines. Enjoy, and if you want to watch the full film, the link is below.

Shop the INTHAYNE: https://4frnt.com/products/inthayne

Watch STRICTLY “DELETE”:    • Delete  

Watch “Better Late Than Never”:    • “Better Late Than Never” Thayne Rich  

Special shout out to Andrew and the whole Strictly crew. “DELETE” was their final movie; it’s a masterpiece, and skiing is better because of their creative efforts.

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