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Your summer is officially weak thanks to the Glacier Days crew

While many park connosiours are flocking to high-up places in North America to get their summer skiing fix in, the Glacier Days crew—comprised of skiers Will Wesson, Rob Heule, Jay Heule, Sämi Ortlieb and filmer Jeff Kohnstamm—took the road less traveled and headed to beautiful Zermatt, Switzerland. The crew is there to ski, yes, but also to document said skiing through the radical Glacier Days video series. Glacier Days debuted last summer—totally wowing every skier to set his or her eyes on it—and we’re psyched see its return.

As expected, episode one for 2016 is absolutely fantastic. It features the boys slaying Snowpark Zermatt with supreme creativity and style, wonderfully filmed and edited by Mr. Kohnstamm and complemented by some of his own music, too. The Bunch’s Maximilliam Smith even has a little cameo, and LSM appears to be joining in on the Zermatt fun as well. (See the Instas, far below.)

Don’t sleep on this video, folks, and stay tuned for more throughout the summer.

@WillWesson flat rail, Photo by @SamiOrtlieb

Wesson isn’t having any fun this summer. Photo: Sämi Ortlieb (@SamiOrtlieb)

ZGD 2016-@the_jeffrey photo by @Willwesson

Zermatt or the moon? Photo: Will Wesson (@Willwesson)

ZGD 2016-steinbock over zermatt photo @Willwesson

It’s not only humans up there for the summer shred. Photo: Will Wesson (@Willwesson)

ZGD 2016-The Brother Heule(@sefferiah and @RobHeule)photo by @WillWesson

Brothers Rob and Jay Heule dive into the craters of Snowpark Zermatt. Photo: Will Wesson (@Willwesson)

@SamiOrtlieb Down Rail Photo by @WillWesson

Sämi goes for a slide on the ol’ down rail. Photo: Will Wesson (@Willwesson)

Recent Instagrams from Zermatt

shark kite flying over the glacier #zermattglacierdays ???? @robheule

A photo posted by Sämi Ortlieb (@samiortlieb) on

1st????????day w/ @bmack.se Here we are taking in some mountain powers on the way down????

A video posted by LSM • Lucas Stål Madison (@lsmconnected) on

2700 to rail #gettingdizzy #zermattglacierdays

A video posted by R☠B HEULE (@robheule) on

Today in @snowparkzermatt ???? ???? @bmack.se

A video posted by LSM • Lucas Stål Madison (@lsmconnected) on

nothing better than pow turns in july #zermattglacierdays

A photo posted by Sämi Ortlieb (@samiortlieb) on

Life on the #moon. @snowparkzermatt #zermattglacierdays

A photo posted by Will Wesson (@willwesson) on

@snowparkzermatt is insanely fun right now. #zermattglacierdays ????: @willwesson

A photo posted by R☠B HEULE (@robheule) on


A photo posted by Jeff Kohnstamm (@the_jeffrey) on

Good to be back at @snowparkzermatt for #zermattglacierdays #Matterhorn

A photo posted by Will Wesson (@willwesson) on

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