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RCFS 6 – an early season recap from the cabin with Will Wesson and company

Early season is a time for creative thinking. To get the most out of thin snow and sparse opportunities, you have to bust out of the old and into the new. With snow fall slowing down across North America, it’s time to take some notes from the best. Good thing our friends in the Wasatch are about as innovative with their feature set up as could be. Folding chairs, tires, tubes, plastic pallets (I think?), are all on the table. Will Wesson, Porter Benson, Mitchell Brower and many other amigos turn these ordinary objects into yet another DIY masterpiece. Skiing, snow skating, boot sliding, there’s not a trick they can’t pull off. If your neck of the woods isn’t getting the snow you’d hoped for, take some inspiration and make the most of what you got!

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