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LINE Skis Gives us the First Ever Backcountry Rail Adventure in new Film “Rail Tail”

Apple, NASA, Space X, Nike; All these brands claim to be innovative experts, yet they pale in comparison to the new age thought that pours out of the fine folks at LINE Skis. Take a rail, a very large rail, and put it… in the backcountry? Yes that’s correct. Tom Wallisch, Mitchell Brower and Robert Ruud took to the country with their very large rail and plopped in somewhere no skier had before. Doing a Pretz 2 into knee-deep powder? Challenging and incredibly fun at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds in “Rail Tail,” the backcountry rail adventure from LINE.

From YouTube:

If you’re a park skier who enjoys skiing powder, you have probably dreamt of hitting a rail into a powder landing. We also had this dream and got to work to make it happen! Watch the result of our long days filled with snowmobiling, powder, construction, and… grinding a rail in the backcountry!

Music: Eyes by Clio, Roberto Ferrante

Skiers: Tom Wallisch, Mitchell Brower, Robert Ruud

Video: Jake Strassman

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Photo Gallery

Images – Courtesy of LINE Skis

Featured Skiers – Robert Ruud & Mitchell Brower

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