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Phil Casabon, Mike Hornbeck, Liam Downey, and Emile Bergeron show us the magic in ‘SUPERVIEW’

Phil Casabon makes it look all too easy. B-Dog himself is back and better than ever in ‘SUPERVIEW’, bringing a few friends along for the ride. In recent years, Phil has released several projects with renowned cinematography guru Brady Perron, (for reference, dim the lights and tune into arguably the duos greatest work, ‘Ensemble’). Their talents combine in front and behind the lens to create new and strange worlds, which seem to focus just as much, if not more, on the art and lifestyle that the two care about, as opposed to solely the skiing.

While those films are undeniably incredible, in their own ballpark even, sometimes a craftsman has to define what they want in their own terms. So naturally, Phil took up the reigns himself and produced, directed, and edited this latest blend of art and style. Oh, and it goes without saying that he also has his own segment. One that is as youthful and unique as ever. He must have rung the bell over at Armada, because three of his good buddies, not to mentions some of the brands top riders, tagged along for the fun. Liam Downey, Émile Bergeron, and Michigan’s own Mike Hornbeck were each captured in their natural terrain, doin’ what they do best.

Of course, a project like this can’t be accomplished alone. Émile and Spencer Milbocker both contributed some action on the camera, but the three film in such a coalescing way that you would never know there were multiple people taking on the responsibility. It’s a beautiful thing when so much talent can fold together so smoothly, and produce a passion project like this. Mix in all these ingredients, and add Phil’s uncanny dedication to music and jazz preferences, and you’ve got a well rounded masterpiece. But that’s enough yappin’, time to soak in that wide angle lens and enjoy the abundance of talent on display in ‘SUPERVIEW’.

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