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ON3P releases 2017 team edit that will rock your socks off

Portland-based ON3P Skis knows how to stack a roster. Featuring some of the most talked about skiers of the moment, including Magnus Granér, Lucas Stål-Madison, Jake Doan, Anttu Oikkonen, Forster Meeks and Karl Fostvedt, ON3P’s first in-house mini-movie, 1, brings all of the company’s riders together for one hell of a team edit.

Straight-lining fluffy pillow lines, grinding along handrails in the local park, getting kicked out of said park by a grumpy security guard, using winches to gain impressive speed, slamming face-first into concrete, twisting and flipping off makeshift jumps, getting the shot with your best friends watching—it’s all here. Take a moment to enjoy the next 15 minutes of hard-charging, high-flying unabridged skiing shot on location in Utah during February 2017.

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