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[Must-watch] Giray Dadali chases the Red Bull

A symbol of pride, power, and prowess, the coveted Red Bull helmet can be found capping the domes of some of skiings mightiest. Peruse the instaslam pages of Swedish wizard of the slopes known as Jesper Tjäder or the skiing block of muscle that is Johnny Collinson and you will see this fierce symbol quite often. These two studs, and the select others that attain these high rankings, are well deserving of the Red Bull bucket. But these babies aren’t just handed out!

Sometimes, a skier can get the idea that goal of skiing is not to have fun and do your best, but to be VIEWED as the best. And without the crown worn by the best, are you in the club? This tormenting madness has shaken Giray Dadali to his core. In a recent post, we talked about how innovative and creative Giray has been in every aspect of his ski career. By all reasonable standards he is an excellent skier. But, sometimes, reasonable men are driven to unreasonable actions. In “Chasing the Red Bull,” we see what happens when a man is pushed to his limits. You will laugh, you will cheer, you will cry, but you will not be disappointed.



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