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Giray “The Brother” Dadali gives a freeride recap of 2019/20

Giray Dadali has been carving his own path in the ski world for some time now. For years, Giray has been approaching his skiing career from a non-traditional focal point. Instead of completely establishing himself by his own name, he has self-branded as “Ahmet’s Brother,” a fitting title for the younger brother to the urban legend, Ahmet. That said, Giray is a remarkable skier, but gaining the attention of the ski industry can be a challenge even for the best of ’em. Drawing the right eyes in a new and interesting way is always good, and Giray has done it better than most. He is one hell of an engineer and started the brand Day Makers, which are game changing touring adapters. After using the same pair for over five years, I can confidently say they are a fantastic product created to help all who wish to safely and efficiently access the backcountry. This isn’t a paid plug—it’s just the truth! Giray is the type of ski industry personality that is so gravely needed. Unique and filled with personal expression, he creates content and products that bring progress to skiing. His 2019-20 season recap is filled with exactly the type of awe-inspiring skiing you would expect from a guy like Giray. And, don’t sweat, he has plenty of more fantastic collections on his YouTube channel if you’re still hungry for more!

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