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Markus Eder lives out every skier’s dream: Riding an empty ski resort

Close those eye curtains for me. Well, that would be difficult to read and close your eyes at the same time, so fire up that imagination.

It’s 10 AM. The clouds have elegantly parted to reveal the heavily blanketed mountain, offset by the piercing blue sky that perfectly counters the blinding white. The electric, unspoken buzz bounces from slime to smile, through the parking lot and into the lift line. The thunderous clap of Ski Patrol detonations ominously hangs in the air, but you and your friends are pumped none the less, knowing it’s all part of the balance that comes with powder skiing. You hear that spine tingling, “WOOOO”, echo through the crowd as the base chair begins to take the first of many into its arms and up through the abyss. That cliff you’ve been scheming is ready to roll, the homies are AMPED, the JUICES ARE FLOWING … but I digress. There is still that small obstacle of the hundreds of other people, all waiting their turn in front of you. And even if you’re at the front of the line, the chosen ones, it’s only a matter of time before that pocket of deep happiness is eviscerated by an undeserving Texan. If only they would all just disappear.

For us, this is where the dream begins. For the Italian Stallion Markus Eder, this is where real life rolls on.

While this opportunity was only made possible due to the devastating pandemic, it is beautiful to see something as picturesque and happy as this come from something that has also caused so much pain. With resorts in Italy still closed, the opportunity presented itself and Markus was able to capitalize. If there is anyone that should get to rip their home resort from top to bottom with the service of a snowmobile and the lack of crowds, Markus is at the top of the list. He has worked extremely hard to become one of the worlds best skiers; and after giving so much to the sport, who could argue that he deserves a little back? Let’s not forget this is the man who gifted the world with, (what I’m guessing is), Verbier’s first nose butter 3! This dreamy 5 minute GoPro stream shows the main man schmearing down channels and through trees, throwing backflips off avalanche barriers, and other Eder-type things.

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