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Logan Imlach’s Time Capsule

Logan Imlach is without a doubt one of the most versatile members of the ski community. As a previous rider from Moment Skis, filming six movies with Level 1, bagging the SuperUnknown VII title and working as Hardgoods Development Engineer for Armada Skis, there are few angles of this industry he hasn’t seen. I vividly remember being a young teenager inspired and dumbfounded by Logan’s part in Level 1’s Sunny. Watching him cruise through the wreck of a long-forgotten concrete building was pure inspiration for a kid looking up to creative ski minds. As someone who is wickedly well rounded in the world of skiing and has poured so much into it, Logan deserves to have a piece of his history preserved for those he loves to see.

Now, the maverick of rail skiing has reunited with Level 1 to dig through the crates and compile some of his best footage into an amazing, nostalgic edit. However, this project is not really directed at us viewers; it has a different audience, Logan’s 2-year-old daughter, Stevie. How does one teach their kid life lessons they can only hope will be cemented as time cruises by? Through skiing, of course! In all seriousness, skiing is obviously an incredible teacher, instilling perseverance, determination and a whole mess of other qualities in those who pursue it to the fullest. But this video isn’t only about lessons. Fundamentally, “Hey Stevie” serves as a way to preserve moments of a lifestyle filled with passion and joy, and share them with a person inquisitive about the past.



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