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‘LIFE n’ STUFF’ – The adventures of Jonah Williams

Season edits and recaps pop out left and right these days. With more talented skiers than we’ve ever seen, the internet is a hot bed for about as much captivating snow sliding content as you can stomach. But when one can hold your attention without even trying, and gently ease you into the world it creates, it’s worth noting. That’s precisely what we have here. Jonah Williams’ latest video compilation, ‘LIFE n’ STUFF’, is a ski edit that accomplishes the goal which all films attempt to achieve; bringing you, the humble viewer, into the life and times (or stuff) of those in front of the lens.

Jonah’s effortlessly graceful skiing with G Rude’s wizardry behind the camera is a combination that will hopefully be appreciated for a long while to come. We saw it before in ‘August Light’, and we get the gift of seeing it once more. Join JW and the people and places along the way, as ‘LIFE n’ STUFF’ cures whatever sort of stress ails ya. Simply put, a beautiful ode to skiing and the life that surrounds it.

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