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Episode 6 of Giulia Tanno’s ‘The Journey’ takes us through the battle tested life of one of freestyle skiings best

Giulia Tanno’s remarkable ski career has been anything but easy. The young Swiss rider has suffered injuries that would put most people on the sidelines for years. However, her resilience and dedication to the craft has proven to be a catalyst for greatness. Her recent shoulder injury seemed to be in the rear view mirror, after a stellar performance at the X Games, highlighted by bringing a remarkable dub 10 to her feet.

Soon after, Giulia’s Olympic dreams were put aside for the second time due to injury. But Giulia has been determined not to let these injuries get the best of her. Episode 6 of ‘The Journey’, Faction’s series chronicling the phenoms perseverance and success, takes us inside her mindset, and gives an insight into how one can stay positive even when the odds are stacked against you. Giulia is clearly one of the most dedicated skiers out there, and it’s remarkable to see how mentally and physically strong she reamins. Enjoy a look into the life of one of skiings most inspiring individuals.

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