’s top 10 most read stories of 2012’s top 10 most read stories of 2012

Here’s a roundup of the most visited stories and videos on during 2012.

1. Celebrate Sarah Burke, 1982 – 2012
On January 19, Sarah Burke passed away, leaving holes in the hearts of thousands of skiers worldwide. It was the biggest story on ever; a sign of the magnitude of Sarah’s impact on skiing and life.

2. 2012 SIA Snow Show: A recap including photos and videos of next year’s gear
January is when companies release information on all of next year’s gear and Freeskier readers flock to our coverage each and every year, with 2012 being the most popular ever.

3. Profile: Speaking with Tanner Hall about his road to redemption
Tanner Hall’s on- and off-hill antics have drawn readers since nearly the inception of Freeskier. This year’s profile by Christopher Jerard was especially fascinating as Tanner opened up about the biggest challenges he’s faced, and his road to redemption.

4. So, You’re Moving to a Ski Town: How to survive in Gnarlington
Every ski bum does it eventually: quit the job, pack the truck, head to ski town X. Here, Griffin Post explain how to survive your new surroundings in Gnarlington.

5. Tom Wallisch wins 2012 War of Rails
Tom Wallisch’s name is enough to draw readers in. The promise of a rail edit starring the king of afterbang pretty much seals the deal.

6. Charlie Owens takes nasty spill shooting with Stept, breaks both arms
The headline pretty much speaks for itself. Add in Owens’ apathetic outtake on his situation and a terrible crash turns into a comedic behind-the-scenes adventure.

7. Q&A with Kelly Sildaru: Get to know the 10-year-old female phenom
Kelly Sildaru is the most promising 10-year-old female ripper we’ve ever seen. And although she’s the only one we’ve really seen, she earns the “phenom” moniker easily.

8. Jesper Tjäder stomps first ever 1350 off a rail
It’s like a 1440, but coming off the end of a rail. Ridiculous.

9. Meet Aspen Spora, the 11-year-old ripper everyone is talking about
Maybe one day Aspen Spora and Kelly Sildaru will hang out and reminisce about that time they were featured on’s top 10 of 2012 list. Or maybe they’ll just keep kicking ass at skiing.

10. S.K.A.T.E. on Snow: Tom Wallisch battles Sean Jordan
Tom and Stept both made it into the top 10 twice this year, mainly due to their abilities to kick ass on the regular. Stept’s S.K.A.T.E. on Snow is an amazing video series, and this is one of the best matchups.



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