A Whole Lotta BS: The Dorey Story

A Whole Lotta BS: The Dorey Story

“Two words come to mind with Justin Dorey, ‘Work Ethic.’ He is determined to become the best pipe skier in the world, and he will. Last winter at the US Freeskiing Open, I watched him stack worse than I have ever seen and skied down to check on him. “I’m good. Just give me a minute.” This crash would have sent 85% of the competitors off to the hospital in an ambulance, but not J Bone. His work ethic on snow and in the gym pulled him through the crash and he went on to log two of the highest scoring half pipe runs ever. Again, ‘Work Ethic.’” — Scott USA Team manager, Kevin Kruse

Simon Dumont had just won the 2005 World Superpipe Championship on one hour of sleep. He was on top of his game and Justin Dorey could not compete. He said, “Dumont is untouchable, but I have to find an honest way to beat him”. The next morning Justin woke up early to session the Park City superpipe. Within an hour of riding he learned 1260s. About three hours later he was trying double flips. After a full day’s work he had the most technical bag of tricks in the game. He just needed to figure out how to put it all together… Justin looked at me and said, “let’s not tell anyone about today.” He wanted to take the world by storm.

2009 proved to be a huge year for the 20 year old. He won the US Freeskiing Open, picked up two silver medals at Dew Tour, and received fourth at X games. Justin has the talent and motivation to stay at the top, but also the modesty to keep cool and collective. However, there have been some bumps in the road, including reccurring injuries. As long as Justin can stay in one piece, 2010 is sure prove to be another biggie.

“Dorey is a pimp on and off hill.”– Under Armour Team Manager, Scott Hibbert.

Freeskier: What are you wearing right now?
Dorey: My birthday suit?

FS: You claim to be from Vernon, BC, but today I heard a rumor that you were actually from Armstrong. Is this true? Are you not actually part of Team Vernon?
Dorey: I am definitely Vernon… My dad moved to Armstrong a few years ago and I guess I have sort of been based out of his place since then. Armstrong is only like 15 minutes from downtown Vernon and I am at TJ’s place 24/7, so I pretty much still live in Vernon.

FS: Thank goodness, I knew Shay was full of it.

FS: You were constantly being referred to as the kid to watch out for this year. Were you able to feed off of that pressure?
Dorey: Well I didn’t have much of a choice, it was either let the pressure get the best of me or learn to feed off it. I guess I am starting to learn how to use it to my advantage now.

FS: Is this just the beginning of Justin Dorey?
Dorey: I wouldn’t say this is the beginning because I have been doing my thing for a while, but this definitely isn’t the end. I have a lot of things I’d like to do over the next few years that include more than just halfpipe.

Freeskier: There were a couple of injuries that put you back towards the end of the season. What happened there?
Dorey: I broke my collarbone at a quarterpipe show in Japan which put me out for five weeks and meant I had to miss JOSS. After my five weeks of waiting to get back out there, on first run on my first day back in the pipe I re-broke it again. That was right before WSI and it put me out for the rest of the season… PIMP!

FS: So what are the plans for this summer?
Dorey: I start coaching at Momentum in Whistler in a week and I’ll be there until camp ends in late July. Then I plan on heading down to New Zealand in early august to shred for a few weeks. NZ is always one of my favorite trips of the year, so I can’t wait to get down there!

FS: If you were to make a movie using only the materials in your room what would your movie be about?
Dorey: It would be about all sorts of bugs and spiders because my room is crawling with them. The main character would be a little mouse named “Mouse Bone” who is also sharing my room with me and the bugs. It would be a comedy/horror with laugh tracks and tons of gore…

FS: Has Up 3-D come out in Canada yet? I hear they tend to be a little behind.
Dorey: Are you serious? Has Trailer Park Boys come out in the US yet?

Freeskier: Did you know that you were my first purchase on Fantasy Freeride last year?
Dorey: I didn’t know that… JEA!


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