West Coast Session 5, Day 3: Clearing

West Coast Session 5, Day 3: Clearing

Photos: Rocky Maloney, Drew Smalley, J.Dominguez

A crowd of skiers are lounging in the Roadhouse at Windell's Camp, checking the Timberline webcams and grumbling about weather. After a whiteout storm session the day before, nobody is very stoked about skiing in the clouds again on Day 3 at the West Coast Session. "Where are the Peters brothers?" somebody wonders.

"Dude, they're already up there, doing 1080s!" answers Malone, who seems to always have the right answer. The thought of Max & Tosh destroying the park while we sit down here is too much to bear, and once again the WCS crew piles into their vehicles for the short drive up the mountain.

Sure enough, the Peters bros and crew – including Jon Marks, JP Solberg and Rocky Maloney – are already in the park. I ask Tosh how many 1080s he's done already. He shrugs and says, "a few," with a characteristic Tosh chuckle.


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A brief glimpse of what Tosh Peters does all day long. photo: Maloney


The other half of the Peters wrecking crew, Max. photo: Maloney


JP Solberg has a big thick beard, and one of the best rodeos in the game. photo: Maloney

Luckily for us, the weather is slowly making a turn for the better. Patches of blue open up in the sky, and the crew takes advantage of the improving conditions to lay down the hurt in the Paintbrush large jump line.


Sean Logan enjoying being back at WCS after a three-year hiatus. Welcome back Sean! photo: Dominguez


Hillcrest team rider Joey Vandermeer is one of Mt. Hood's most notorious gypsies. If you rent or own a house within 60 miles of the mountain, watch out! One day you might come home to find Joey on your couch or in a tent in your backyard. photo: Maloney


Hood local  Garrett Rowley enjoys his home turf. photo: Smalley


Ben Moxham can grab blunt in his sleep. Considering how much he sleeps, he probably grabs blunt an average of 18 hours a day. photo: Maloney


Hillcrest team rider Nick Goepper from Windell's Academy, on point as usual. photo: Maloney

As the clouds slowly open up, the action in the park heats up. Tomorrow we shoot on the big booter up on the Palmer Snowfield, so today is the day to get the shot in the public park.


Official trick of WCS5: the backflip. Charlie Lasser demonstrates. photo: Maloney


Amplid rider Alex Martini is a skiing enigma, a peculiar mix of backcountry shredder (with a season in Alaska under his belt) and urban rail destroyer who can claim some of the world's longest and gnarliest rails (just watch any Stept Productions movie from recent years). Maybe he skis in these two places because he doesn't like to buy lift tickets. But give him a free one, and you'll get floaty switch 5s like this one. photo: Maloney


Meanwhile, a 4bi9 film crew took advantage of yesterday's new snow to session the well-known jump spot next to the Timberline parking lot. photo: Dominguez

Thanks for scoping our continuing WCS coverage here on Freeskier, and check back for the story of the epic Day 4 booter session!

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