Top 10 Skis: The best park skis of 2012-2013

Top 10 Skis: The best park skis of 2012-2013

Note: This list is now dated. To see the best park skis of 2014, follow this link.

Nowadays you want your park ski to be a do-it-all, bell-to-bell slayer. Soft and lively enough to butter around, yet stiff enough to handle the big features. Powerful and playful enough to shred anywhere, and durable enough to last you all season. We ran countless skis through the park gauntlet—big features and small—to give you this year’s Editor’s Picks; the best park skis on the market.

1. Armada ARW

Overall Score: 18.33
The traditionally cambered park ski has a “perfect flex pattern,” and carbon stringers in the tail give it “great energy.” Click for full review and scores.

2. Scott Jib TW

Overall Score: 18.01
The top dog of Scott’s park-ski lineup, the Jib TW was built in conjunction with Tom Wallisch. It features a lightweight woodcore and the proprietary 3D sidecut that creates precise edge control and unrivaled feel. Click for full review and scores.

3. Line Afterbang

Overall Score: 18.00
“Super quick and snappy,” said one tester. “Extremely playful,” said another. “Great for an aspiring jibber,” mentioned a third. Click for full review and scores.

4. Armada THall

Overall Score: 17.88
The full woodcore wrapped in Armada’s laminated matrix creates a uniquely powerful flex pattern. Oversized, heat-treated edges resist damage and increase the ski’s durability. If it’s good enough for Tanner, it’s probably good enough for you. Click for full review and scores.

5. Armada Pipe Cleaner

Overall Score: 17.80
The Pipe Cleaner is the benchmark that other pipe skis have been measured against for years, strapped on pros from Tanner Hall to Torin Yater-Wallace. You can’t argue with its results. Click for full review and scores.

6. K2 MissDemeanor

Overall Score: 17.75
The 90 mm waist is more than ample for big-jump landings yet small enough to retain the ski’s poppy and energetic feel. Click for full review and scores.

7. Atomic Punx

Overall Score: 17.64
Featuring normal camber, a full woodcore, a strong flex and slanted sidewall construction, the Punx is “extremely playful yet very stable on big jumps,” said one tester. Click for full review and scores.

8. Völkl Wall

Overall Score: 17.60
With Völkl’s storied pedigree backing it, you know the Wall’s construction, a full woodcore and vertical sidewalls, gives you the powerful foundation any good park ski requires. Click for full review and scores.

T-9: Salomon Rocker2 92

Overall Score: 17.40
While its versatility may turn off some serious park rats, the ski scored extremely well, earning such praise as “super fun camber” and “great swing weight.” Click for full review and scores.

T-9: Scott Jib

Overall Score: 17.40
The Scott Jib may be the Jib TW’s little brother, but don’t think this is some bush-league park ski. Click for full review and scores.

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