Top 10 Skis: The Best Powder Skis of 2012-2013

Top 10 Skis: The Best Powder Skis of 2012-2013

Note: This list is now dated. To see the best powder skis of 2014, follow this link.

Pow pow. Freshies. Blower. Champagne. Whatever you want to call it, the fact remains that skiing in powder is one of the most gratifying and enjoyable experiences you can have on skis. Don’t get caught in waist deep snow with the wrong sticks; check out our powder ski Editor’s Picks and find the right boards for you.

1. Rossignol S7W

Overall Score: 17.84
The ski that introduced many a gal to the wonderful world of rocker, the S7W is the same as the men’s S7, just in a smaller size run. Read our full review here.

2. Salomon Rockette 115

Overall Score: 17.33
Salomon rider Elyse Saugstad calls them lively and responsive. She also says the Rockettes are happy buttering high-speed turns on steep AK faces Read our full review here.

3. Blizzard Gunsmoke

Overall Score: 17.21
Comments ranged from “fast and stable” to “one-ski quiver” to “easy to turn, playful and forgiving.” Read our full review here.

4. Rossignol Squad 7

Overall Score: 17.08
A completely new ski from Rossi, the Squad 7 sports a rocker profile that “crushed every snow condition on the mountain,” according to one tester. Read our full review here.

5. Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus

Overall Score: 17.04
After creating more than 100 prototypes, Pollard says these fine-tuned skis are the best and most versatile he’s ever skied. Testers agreed. Read our full review here.

6. Fat-ypus A-Lotta

Overall Score: 16.75
The original super fat, the A-Lotta ski was the first model offered by the Breckenridge-based Fat-ypus eight years ago. One tester complained the A-Lottas were “too much fun. Read our full review here.

7. Blizzard Bodacious

Overall Score: 16.75
One tester recommended taking this ski to AK and “letting ’em ride.” Another said it was “one giant gas pedal.” Stiff and stable, the Bodacious, Blizzard’s biggest ski, makes crud tremor in fear. Read our full review here.

8. Völkl Shiro

Overall Score: 16.39
It’s a lot of ski, but you’ll be grateful when you’re floating effortlessly through the deep or powerfully plowing through crud. Read our full review here.

9. Salomon Rocker2 122

Overall Score: 16.38
One of our staffer’s everyday skis, the Rocker2 122 excels on deep days, but, more importantly, skis surprisingly well every other day, too. Read our full review here.

10. Line Pandora

Overall Score: 16.17
Testers called it “extremely versatile” and “a killer all-around ski.” Another called it “light and responsive, yet beefy when you need backup.” Read our full review here.

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