Tom Wallisch Claims Top Spot in Dew Tour Slope Quals

Tom Wallisch Claims Top Spot in Dew Tour Slope Quals

It was another epic sunny day at Northstar-at-Tahoe, CA, today as 30 skiers fought for the remaining 10 spots for the slopestyle finals (Saturday, 11:30 a.m. PST).

The field was utterly stacked today as all the best slopestyle skiers in the world were in attendance. The course — made by Snow Park Tech — consisted of two down rails side-by-each, a flat box and a canon rail side-by-each, into a jump, then a couple down-flat down features side-by-each, into two jumps.

The top ten today — the guys who will advance — is a pretty strong Who’s Who of slopestyle skiing, with just a couple of the big names missing. Tom Wallisch took the top spot with major rail trickery (including a misty 6 off the canon rail) and solid tall-T style on the jumps. If you’ve watched the helmet-cam videos Tom’s done for us, it’s no surprise that he ended up on top today.

Coming in second place was Simon Dumont who has been skiing super well on the slope course all week, including switchups on both the boxes up top. Simon is one of the few competitors who has a chance to podium in both events. In third came Quebec hero Alexis Godbout, showing a mastery of the rails and jumps. I was down on the last jump during his run, so I don’t know what he did up top, but I’m sure it was “dirty,” as the East Coasters would say.

Slopestyle Prelims Results

1. Tom Wallisch
2. Simon Dumont
3. Alexis Godbout
4. Mike Riddle
5. Charles Gagnier
6. Jossi Wells
7. Sammy Carlson
8. Nick Martini
9. Russ Henshaw
10. Matt Walker

For the full results, click here to download the PDF.


Saturday, Feb. 21
NBC: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm EST — SKI Slope Men Finals
USA Newtwork: Midnight-1:00am EST — SKI Pipe Men Finals

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