Snowbasin Dew Tour Results: Alex Schlopy Wins Men’s Slopestyle

Snowbasin Dew Tour Results: Alex Schlopy Wins Men’s Slopestyle

Alex Schlopy on his win.

Alex Schlopy continues to ride the winning train that he has been on, this time taking the top spot at the Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle in Snowbasin, Utah. Last Chance Qualifier Joss Christensen moved his way up the ranks and snagged an impressive second spot today. Russ Henshaw grabbed a third podium in a row and Bobby Brown took fourth, but secured himself the 2010/11 Dew Cup for Slopestyle. Here are the top three runs:

Alex Schlopy — Backside 360 switch up on the flat to gap down box, front 360 switchup on the up-flat box, 630 mute off the cannon box, leftside 900 to switch right 1440.

Joss Christensen — Front switchup to pretzel 270 on the flat to gap down rail, switch on back 270 out of the a-frame rail, frontside 450 off the left cannon pole, switch rightside 1080 to switch double flip 1080.

Russ Henshaw — Switch on front 360 switchup on the flat to gap down box, back 630 off the a-frame rail, front 450 off the left cannon pole, double cork 1080 to rightside double cork 1260.


L-R: Joss Christensen, Alex Schlopy, Russ Henshaw

With the two Park City natives on top and Mr. Henshaw in 3rd, Bobby Brown was secured the Dew Cup even before dropping in for his second run (he was sitting in 11th after his first run). Brown's run, like Henshaw's, contained both-way double flips, with Bobby's being of the 1080 variety. Jossi Wells, making his first Dew Tour Slopestyle Finals appearance this year didn't disappoint attacking the rails and dropping a switch rightside 1080 to switch double cork 1080 combo, good enough for 5th.

Joss Christensen

JF Houle, who fell after a MEGA large switch double 1080 on his first run, put his disaster 450 on the top rail, and his double cork 1260 to switch double 1080 to his feet, snagging the 6th spot. Sammy Carlson, the reigning X Games champ, grabbed the 7th spot with a combination of rightside Kangaroo flip and switch double cork 1080. Phil Casabon, one of only two riders without a double flip in finals, snagged the 8th spot. With the help of his rightside 900s and switch 1080/1260 variations, Phil styled his way up the rankings.


Bobby Brown and his Dew Cup.

Tom Wallisch, at his first event since shoulder injury a month ago, took 9th place. Last year's Snowbasin winner didn't disappoint, being one of two competitors to misty 450 off a rail feature, switch rightside 1080 and switch double cork 1080 japan, only as Tom can. Another Utah-native, McRae Williams, utilized his misty 450 off the a-frame, rightside double misty 900 and switch double cork 1080 to grab 10th, blowing up on the same run his second time around.

Russ Henshaw on 3rd place.

Dane Tudor, seen more in the backcountry, had the rightside double corks on lock, but had a few other sketches throughout the day, which kept him down in the pack. Elias Ambühl, who was in the hunt for the Dew Cup, fell both runs on the first jump (where his switch rightside double cork 1080 is). Ambühl escaped serious injury, but you know he'd love to have those runs back.

As the last stop of the Dew Tour. Bobby Brown went into this stop with a commanding lead for the Dew Cup, but had to finish better than 8th if Ambühl were to win. But with Ambühl failing to land his second run, Bobby had a virtual victory lap for the Cup. His 4th, combined with a 2nd in Breckenridge and a 1st in Killington amounted to his $25,000 trophy. Henshaw catapulted to 2nd in the Cup standings and Alex Schlopy snagged 3rd. Those will be your Super-qualified at next year's first stop of the Winter Dew Tour.

Bobby Brown on winning the Dew Cup.

How will things shift in the AFP Slopestyle rankings? Who will be on top? How will this affect the Overall rankings? This stop brings up more questions than it answers, so be sure to check out the AFP World Rankings page for all the answers.

Men's Final Results:
1. Alex Schlopy — 94.50
2. Joss Christensen — 92.00
3. Russ Henshaw — 87.50
4. Bobby Brown — 85.00
5. Jossi Wells — 84.00
6. JF Houle — 82.00
7. Sammy Carlson — 80.75
8. Phil Casabon — 79.00
9. Tom Wallisch — 69.50
10. McRae Williams — 65.00
11. Dane Tudor — 55.50
12. Elias Ambühl — 16.00


Alex Schlopy en route to his victory.

Top 10 Dew Cup Standings
1. Bobby Brown — 274
2. Russ Henshaw — 234
3. Alex Schlopy — 219
4. JF Houle — 218
5. Sammy Carlson — 210
6. Elias Ambühl — 204
7. Phil Casabon — 157
8. McRae Williams — 153
9. Alexis Godbout — 150
10. Tom Wallisch — 144

For all the action from this weekend's events, not just Dew, check out the Competition Action Hub



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