should have gone skiing

should have gone skiing

I’m not sure who said if first but I think Megadeath said it best, “Hind sight is always 20/20, but looking back is still a bit fuzzy!”

It has been so cold the past few days, McDonalds could have held off on the preservatives and just stored their “meat” outside!! -22 at the peak, -18 at mid mountain and -10 in the village. I pride myself on skiing as much as I can even in extreme conditions such as -22 without wind chill. I can brave the cold with the best of them but this time I decided to stay home – a tactic that spawned a trip to Walmart in Squatamala (Squamish for those less informed) to pass the time.

My good buddy Jeff Boake, of Voleurz fame, and I headed down to the Outdoor Recreational Capital of the World, to hit up the retail giant. With nothing really to do there we headed straight for the toy section.

I’m not sure what this two wheeled, skateboardish thing is called but it is super hard to get rolling. Once you do, it is tuff to stop, go, turn, speed up, slow down, pretty much anything other than jump off. We slayed it though!! (See photos) Oh and Jeff kills it on the tricycle too…friendly guy, waving to the all the store clerks!

Back to the hindsight thing, (looking back at the hindsight thing…hm???) as much fun as being told to stop messing around in Walmart was (yes we got busted having fun. Is having fun a crime?) skiing would have been way better. And, from what I heard, I missed out.

It was brought to my attention the next day that there were still killer pow stashes to be found and the terrain park is dialed. Now that I am back at work for the next five days I’ll have to listen to the “oh you missed it”, “man, it was pretty f’n good up there”, and “It wasn’t cold at all and the park is money”.

I have learned my lesson and will go skiing every chance I get from here on out! I have the entire off-season to get kicked out of Walmart!


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