Shea Flynn picks top 9 ski fails of 2013

Shea Flynn picks top 9 ski fails of 2013

Winter 2012/13 saw more than its fair share of nasty slams, tumbles and tomahawks. Among the more noteworthy spills was Shea Flynn’s failed attempt at jumping over a fence:

While shooting with Stept Productions in the Twin Cities of Maine, this would-have-been-cool stunt went awry. Flynn recalls, “Essentially, I was trying to air off the fence and land in the flats down below. Obviously, as many have seen, I caught the noses of my skis on the fence at high speed, forcing me to do almost a double front flip and land on my head.”

A tough break for Flynn, indeed, who explained that he had reservations about the setup prior to dropping in. “It was my first hit. I was nervous about it from the beginning,” he said. “I didn’t think the jump was big enough. But my filmers were super into it, and wanted me to do it, so I went against my better judgement and did it anyways. After hitting the fence, I couldn’t do much of anything besides go limp, and let myself go. I ate shit hard, but luckily I was fine. Afterwards, I just packed up and left.”

Being among the stars of the season’s burliest blow-ups, who better than Shea to select a handful of the year’s most memorable smashes? Below, we give you the top 9 ski fails of 2013, as ranked by Shea.

#9. Skier catches tips on backflip attempt, face plants hard

#8. Why it’s a good idea to remove your pack before riding the chairlift

#7. How not to do a road gap, by Taylor Graham

#6. 11-year-old comes up short on first ever jump attempt

#5. Out of control skier airs off knoll, smashes on cat-track below

#4. Guy tells girl to slow down backflip rotation, turns out to be bad advice

#3. Guy hangs from chairlift, falls from 45 feet in the air [read more]

#2. Dude biffs it on Tuckerman Ravine

#1. Jump goes wrong for skier in Norway, broken leg the result

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