On the Road: What’s Beef? Level 1 Park Shoot At Breckenridge

On the Road: What’s Beef? Level 1 Park Shoot At Breckenridge


There is a storm brewing in the ski industry and I wonder if I'm getting myself into the middle of a battle between ski movie crews that can only end in an all out SoCal versus Rocky Mountains brawl, the likes of which haven't been seen since the days of Biggie and Tupac?

You see, after spending last week shooting at Keystone with the Poorboyz crew, I made the huge leap, if not geographically, to Breckenridge for a shoot with Level 1 Productions. As I saw the hard stares of the Level 1 crew directed at me, the outsider, and received vaguely threatening Tweets from my former Poorboyz crew, I retreated to a perch high in a moderately unsafe tree, teetering above the Freeway Terrain Park to think long and hard.

Was Parker White's triple cossack more relevant to skiing in its humor than Bobby Brown's all-so-serious triple 1440 with the most businesslike mute grab? Was Josh Berman's insistence that all bags be at least 500 feet from any camera more artistic than Johnny Decesare's constant stoke (even as his private helicopter almost decapitated Clayton Villa)? Could Chis Logan throw a football further than Simon Dumont? Are the rubber bands on Alex Belmare's braces more stylish than B Pauls? Does Justin Dorey eat more Tim Horton's than Dane Tudor? Does Kyle Decker shoot farther away from the action than Pete Alport? Is Sean Jordan more handsome than Adam Delorme? Is Tom Wallisch still underground, or has LJ Strenio overtaken him in being an internet sensation?

And most importantly, when will the two crews cross paths to finally let out their hatred, West Side Story on skis, Sharks versus Jets battle of ski movie supremacy? Check back later in the week to see if I'm still alive to report from dueling Tahoe shoots—Level 1 at Alpine Meadows and Poorboyz at Squaw Valley.

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