Quick 10: Q&A with Bobby Brown on the SCI and his summer plans

Quick 10: Q&A with Bobby Brown on the SCI and his summer plans

The 2012 Euro X slope gold medalist gives us the lowdown on the SCI and his summer. p: Shay Williams
Freeskier.com: Hey Bobby, where are you currently and what are you doing?
Bobby Brown: Yo Shay, hanging at home in Colorado. Packing for my trip with MSP to Alyeska.
FS: How was the Sammy Carlson Invitational? What was the overall vibe like?
BB: SCI was insane. The vibe was really mellow and everyone was just having a really good time. There was no stress or any pressure so it made for an awesome contest.
FS: How do you feel about the format versus something like a city big air where you get two jumps?
BB:The format was great. Like I said, just no stress and you could really feel it cause you were just taking hot laps with your friends.
FS: Who impressed you at the event and why?
BB: Henrik Harlaut absolutely killed it. He did a nose butter 10 off the knuckle and all sorts of wild stuff on the wall ride.
FS: Was it cool having a wall ride in a contest?
BB: I really liked having the wall in the contest because it just added more creativity. You had more options to show something new and creative.
FS: That being said, was it scary? That thing was huge.
BB: First hit I was freaking out. After a few hits it started to get more and more comfortable. It was huge.
FS: What else have you got on tap for the year? You've got to be getting ready for some down time?
BB: One more trip to AK then going to hangout in Denver for a while. Can't wait to take some time off and get a little refresh.
FS: Was the SCI a nice way to wind down the comp season?
BB: Yeah for sure. It was just a good fun time. No worries and just fun.
FS: You're almost 21, that must be exciting. Any big plans for it?
BB: Doing some fun things in Denver! You're coming right?
FS: Surely. What's something you're looking forward to this summer?
BB: I can't wait to go to Windells and get back to it. Hoping to have a progressive summer.
For more on Bobby: Twitter — @Bobby_Brown1, Facebook — Bobby Brown Skiing, Instagram — @Bobby_Brown1, and his video blog — Bobby's Life.
Bobby at the AFP World Championships at WSSF Big Air. p: Shay Williams


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