Not in Walmart anymore Dorothy. This is Blackcomb!

Not in Walmart anymore Dorothy. This is Blackcomb!

If you know Whistler or the West Coast in general, you know it doesn’t take long for the forecast to change around here. After a cold snap and little snow, one of the biggest dumps of the year slapped down on Whistler. As luck would have it, the fresh sky love happened to fall the day before my weekend, something like 15cm the first morning and 23cm the second morning.

Here’s a little factoid for you. My days off are Sunday and Monday and after doing a little math with our recorded snow stats, it seems Mondays have had the most snowfall all winter on average, with a total of 140cm. I feel bad sometimes for the rest of my coworkers but the guilt fades quick as I walk to the lift in the morning with my friends after a dropping of deepness.

I find texting at 7am the best way to get people up without wasting time talking or scaring them awake with a long loud ringtone bought for 6 bucks off the internet. What’s up with paying 6 bucks for half a song anyway? You can download a whole a song for free or at least less then a buck if you are a by-the-book kinda person. Canadian cell phone plans are whack!

For my friends and me, Blackcomb is where it’s at. I can’t get specific with our reasons for hitting up Blackcomb but we do. Whistler is dynamite too though, so really we could just flip a coin…or take the PEAK 2 PEAK, who would have thought!

Anyway, we got dumped on and it was a killer few days. Finding some good stashes with good friends = good times! Over all my photography/video skills are nothing crazy so when Jeff, Kev and myself hit the snow we did our best to capture the action.

This is shaping up to be a banger spring season with over 94cm in Whistler since Saturday!

Enjoy a shred when you can.


We met up with Voleurz photog extraordinaire Mason Mashon and he graciously gave me a couple photos to add. Mahoney Knows!

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