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News Flash: Week of November 30, 2022

News Flash: Week of November 30, 2022

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Scott Gaffney in the Esplanade Range. Meadow Lodge, Golden Alpine Holidays, British Columbia.

Scott Gaffney says goodbye to Matchstick Productions

If you’ve ever watched a Matchstick Productions (MSP) movie, you’ve been feasting the on the visual goods of talented filmer and director, Scott Gaffney. For 30 years, Gaffney has been following the best skiers in the world, including the late Shane McConkey, and capturing all of the insane footage on the mountain and off. This week, he said farewell for now and moving on to other things.

Blizzard Tecnica aim to empower women in mountain sports via 2023 W2W Hilaree Nelson Education Scholarship

Back for the third year, Blizzard Tecnica has updated the name of its annual scholarship to the 2023 W2W Hilaree Nelson Education Scholarship in honor of the fallen mountaineer, friend, and mentor. The program is set up to empower women with a passion for mountain sports with the opportunity to further their education.

Caite Zeliff’s MSP segment is live

Caite Zeliff’s motto is “hold it wide open,” and that’s exactly what she did for her MSP debut. Big Alaskan lines, massive cliff drops and picture-perfect powder turns can all be found in this five-minute heater segment.

Tucker Fitzsimons drops ‘Cohesion’

Tucker Fitzsimons and filmer Cal Aamodt put together ‘Cohesion’ simply because they wanted to prove to themselves that they could do it. Safe to say they did it. Featuring Fitzsimons, as well as Matt Wunderlich, Andrew (Shaggy) Eells and Alex Hall, this seven-minute flick slaps harder than a steel rail.

Nikolai Schirmer is back again this week with ‘A Time for Everything’

In this ski biopic, Schirmer shines a light on friend and former pro skier Chris Booth. Set on the north face of Store Jægervasstinden in Lyngen Norway, Schirmer learns how to live his life.

Tanner Hall is back on the Freeride World Tour as a Wildcard

The Ski Boss is back for another season on the Freeride World Tour, as a wildcard for the first stop. He has two top-ten finishes at this venue, which means the rest of the competition is going to have to battle it out with the ski legend.

Hedvig heads to British Columbia for episode 21 of Hedvig’s Way

Hedvig has always dreamed of filming for Warren Miller and last season she finally got the opportunity to do so in British Columbia. With Lexi DuPont and Katie Burrell by her side, ‘Cookies and Spines for Breakfast’ is a behind-the-scenes look at how the filming process went. Spoiler: it was great.

Dylan Siggers gives a real-time update of the conditions at Blanket Glacier Chalet

‘A Series of Fortunate Events’ is a quick three-minute recap of the pro skier’s time up at Blanket Galcier Chalet November 21-25 of this year. By the looks of these over-the-head pow shots it’s incredibly hard to believe it’s still only November.

Cody Townsend releases Part 1 of line 40, ‘Bugs to Rogers’

This season of The FIFTY project has been uncharacteristically fun and full of pow. Where is all of the pain and suffering we’re used to—and quite frankly expect—seeing from Cody Townsend? Fret not. The type 2 fun is back in part one of line 40, ‘Bugs to Rogers’ where Townsend, Tobin Seagal and Bjarne Salen behind the camera.

Lucas Wachs dropped kicks off his new monthly series on YouTube

In the first episode of Lucas Wachs’ new monthly YouTube series, Wachs and crew head to the Cascades after the first heavy snowfall in November. With hopes of finding powder, the gang is met with bullet-proof wind board but not all blower is lost.

Strictly released its final film, ‘Delete’

The final film from Strictly, ‘Delete,’ is a street and pow masterpiece. Featuring the skiing of Jonah Williams, Ryan Stevenson Thayne Rich, Sam Zahner, Benny Smith, Seamus Flanagan, Parker Norvell, Pete Koukov, Calvin Barrett, Levi Ascher and friends, the boys are going out with a bang.

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