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News Flash: Week of November 23, 2022

News Flash: Week of November 23, 2022

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The Approach 2 dropped on YouTube

The Approach 2 has been touring around the country this fall but it’s finally available on YouTube if you weren’t able to make it to a premiere. The sequel to last year’s Approach film, the Approach 2 features Vasu Sojitra, Ingrid Backstrom, Brooklyn Bell, Sophia Rouches, Emilé Zynobia, and Anna Soens in this inclusive ski film.

Line Traveling Circus goes to Switzerland in Season 15, Episode 2

Andy, Will and Jake venture over to Switzerland to get into some backyard booling with Sami Ortlieb in LTC 15.2. Being the funky, unconventional skier geniuses that they are, this episode is full of extra creative, extra crazy ski tricks.

Child Labor asks the question, ‘Why Not’ in their latest ski flick

The fourth full-length street ski film from Child Labor, ‘Why Not’ features Andrew Egan, Bennie Osnow, Cal Carson, Garrett Whaley, Sam Gnoza, Blake Rolfing, Thomas Stone, Dakota Connole, Seamus Flanagan, Zach Sturtevant, Joe Fusare, Ben Marmer Aj Lefebvre, Antoine Poirier and Ty Ulrich in the streets of Minnesota, Utah, Ohio, Iowa, New York and Quebec. Full of steel and concrete features, the kids get to work in this project.

Rosina Friedel organizes all-female ski film, ‘Bucket Clips’

A passion project by Armada skier, Rosina Friedel, ‘Bucket Clips’ is a collection of 22 female skiers exemplifying the diversity of lady shredders in the space. A mix of backcountry and urban, all of the segments compliment each other well and represent the up-and-coming talent in the sport.

Aspen Mountain, Snowmass opened early for the season

Originally scheduled to open November 30, Aspen Ski Company surprised its devout snow sliders with an early opening of Aspen Mountain and Snowmass. On November 19, skiers and snowboarders swarmed the mountains like salmon of San Capistrano.

Ski the East crew laps up the goods at Jay Peak

A late-season storm graced the slopes of Jay Peak last March and the Ski the East crew was not about to miss out on the goods. To say it was the season’s best ski trip wouldn’t be an overstatement.

Harlaut Apparel Co. presents ‘It’s That’

Henrik Harlaut gathered his street-skiing athletes for a team edit and it does not disappoint. Filmed in Finland, Bosnia and Austria, ‘It’s That’ features the talents of Noah Albaladejo, Isaac Simhon (aka. Ez Pvnda), Valentin Morel, Henrik Harlaut, Eirik Moberg (aka. Krypto Skier), Forster Meeks, Niklas Eriksson and Bella Bacon.

Nikolai Schirmer takes his brother to work

It’s not everyday that Nikolai Schirmer gets to ski with his brother Severin, but for this ski film, it’s bring your brother to work day. As with any ski day, not everything goes to plan and Severin takes a long, steep tumble but luckily everyone ends up going home in one piece. Just ask Nikolai’s mom.

Cody Cirillo ditches the snowmobiles and helicopters in ‘Au Naturel’

What happens when you ditch the ski lifts, snowmobiles and helicopters for foot-powered skiing? Cody Cirillo sets out to answer that question in his latest ski flick, ‘Au Naturel,’ filmed in British Columbia, Mt. Baker and the San Juans.

Michelle Parker brings on Elyse Saugstad for episode four of ‘Care Less, Do More’

Longtime friends, Michelle Parker sits down with Elyse Saugstad for a candid chat about Saugstad’s storied career. Unafraid to take matters into her own hands, Saugstad’s ambition has served her well in her new role as a mom.

Blank Collective’s ‘Feel Real’ is now live on Salomon TV

The eighth full-length ski film from Blank Collective, ‘Feel Real’ adheres to the sentiment of living in the moment. Featuring Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Anna Segal, Chris Rubens, Alex Armstrong, Josh Daiek, Dane Tudor, ABM, Leah Evans, Emma Patterson, Nat Segal, Jordy Kidner, Jess Hotter, Aaron Blunck, Ian Morrison, Emily Childs, Jonathan Rollins, Max Moffatt, Cody Townsend and Brynn Johnston, this movie embraces vulnerability, exploration and not taking yourself too seriously.

Taylor Lundquist graces us with a ‘Special Treat’

It’s been a productive early season for LINE athlete Taylor Lundquist and friends. ‘Special Treat’ is a creative compilation of the wee-hours of the season at Woodward Park City.

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