Momentum Camps’ session 4 marked by killer jib sessions

Momentum Camps’ session 4 marked by killer jib sessions

In this latest video from Momentum Camps athletes including Tom Wallisch, Simon Dumont, Gus Kenworthy, JF Houle, James Woods and Matt Margetts lead the charge on some rockin' sessions; the Skullcandy stair set, a whale tail box, and the giant airbag are just a few of the many features that were torn up.

Featuring some big sessions on the Skullcandy Stair set and the whale box with James 'Woodsy' Woods, JF Houle, Simon Dumont, Tom Wallisch, Gus Kenworthy, Colby James West, Mike Henitiuk, Gus Kenworthy, Matt Margetts, Vincent Gagnier, Phil Marquis, Chelsea Henituik, Andrew Clough, Chris Turpin, Mike Brush, and more!

Filmed and Edited: by Steve Horton
Additional footage: Kaleb Weston
Song: Anita Ward – Ring my Bell





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