Make your voice heard; vote in the 2014 Skier of the Year poll

Make your voice heard; vote in the 2014 Skier of the Year poll

Before we’re waist deep in the 2014-15 ski season, we must pause to reflect on the year gone by—to celebrate the achievements of skiing’s top athletes. This past season, we saw insane performances from Sochi, to Nine Knights, to the B&E Inventational, to X Games, the Olympic qualifiers and beyond. Then, this fall, we were treated to another crop of spectacular ski films and web edits, showcasing a winter’s worth of action and highlighting the efforts and talents of dozens of skiers. So, recognizing the best of the best, it’s time to carry on the annual tradition of casting your votes for Skier of the Year.

New this year: We’re introducing the Skier of the Year Riders’ Poll. We’re tapping the sport’s top athletes and requesting they submit nominations for Skier of the Year. The pros can nominate anyone/everyone; in the end, we’ll crown a male and female 2014 Skier of the Year, as voted by their peers.

We’re counting on you to weigh in, as well. The popular vote certainly speaks volumes about a given skier’s performance and overall standing in the greater skiing community. The Riders’ Poll winners, along with the People’s Choice victors will receive special mention in FREESKIER magazine, Volume 17.6.

Click here to cast your vote for Skier of the Year.

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