Lasts: Pro skier and biker KC Deane talks backflips, China, smoothies and more

Lasts: Pro skier and biker KC Deane talks backflips, China, smoothies and more



KC Deane




Sandpoint, Idaho


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KC Deane is a fascinating dude, and here’s why: While he’s found great success as a pro skier, traveling the world and ripping pow, he’s arguably found equal success as a pro mountain biker, shredding dirt on a two-wheeled pony. This means he’s doing epic sh#t all year round, resulting in plenty of experiences to reflect on for “Lasts.” Allow KC to reveal the last time he engaged in a variety of activities—from the last time he scared himself to his last regrettable meal.

KC Deane skiing in Myoko

Photo: Grant Gunderson

The last resort I skied was Whistler Blackcomb.

A last(ing) memory I have from that resort would be side hits, all damn day. Any time we have down days while filming in the surrounding backcountry, we always go up and rip the resort.

If someone was spending their last day on Earth, I’d tell them to ski at Whistler Blackcomb. Duh.

The last perfect backflip I did was in India filming for Level 1’s new film, PLEASURE.

The last totally botched backflip I did was also in India filming for PLEASURE—same jump. It was a huge gap, and the first time I flipped it I got totally suplexed by the landing.

The last time I laughed so hard I cried was in Haines, Alaska with Freedle Coty, Mason Mashon, Wiley Miller, Tanner Hall and Mr. John Spriggs. They were all singing karaoke, and Freedle and Tanner did some duet on a country song as well as some DMX. It was one of the most hilarious nights I’ve had recently.

The last person I hugged was Geoff Gulevich, the master of mountain biking himself.

The last lesson I learned was never say never?

The last time I scared myself on skis was in Alaska, also filming for PLEASURE. Got caught in an avalanche.

The last time I scared myself off of skis was tipping into my run at Red Bull Sky Gate in China this summer, biking down a 999-step stairset. That was so insane.

The last place on Earth I’d want to visit right now is China.

The last thing someone said to me about Canadian politics was, “Did you hear Trudeau smokes weed?”

The last thing I ate was a spinach, kale, almond butter and avocado smoothie.

The last vacation I went on was this past July—a two-week surf trip in the Maldives.

The last good book I read was Barbarian Days, an insane surfing story of discovering waves in Indonesia during the early ‘70s.

The last movie I watched was View from a Blue Moon.

The last concert I went to was way too long ago. I can’t even remember. It’s been so long the last one that comes to mind was in ’06 when I saw Ladytron and Jurassic 5 at Icer Air in San Francisco. It’s been a while.

The last hobby I picked up was fly-fishing.

The last piece of ski gear I recommended to someone was a pair of Fischer boots.

The last thing I stole was someone’s heart.

The last time someone told me to shut up was one day ago when a cab driver in Whistler drove by and yelled at some friends and myself on the side of the street.

The last place I ate something I regret was India.

The last thing I wish to say right now is thanks to FREESKIER, my sponsors, filmers, photogs, Level 1 and everyone else that is still making this dream happen.



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