Level 1 “Pleasure” premiere stuns a huge crowd in Denver

Level 1 “Pleasure” premiere stuns a huge crowd in Denver

Last evening, Level 1 Productions debuted its 2016 offering, Pleasure, at Denver’s City Hall venue. Masses of skiers from all over—some who traveled thousands of miles—showed up to see the highly anticipated film and, unsurprisingly, it blew everyone away from start to finish.


A full house gets fired up before the film’s debut. Photo: Connor W. Davis

The night-long event kicked off at 8 p.m. with ample socializing time in which old friends reconnected, new friends met, athletes signed autographs and many drinks were consumed. Then, as the film’s eventual debut creeped closer, gear was raffled off and given away via various laugh-inducing contests. The highlight had to be a paper plane-throwing contest (the planes were made out of movie posters), when a little ripper named Winter—no taller than three feet—won a pair of Folsom skis that rock the Pleasure logo.


The energy was high-as-can-be at City Hall. Photo: Sarah Sherman


The crowd goes wild for little Winter. Photo: Sarah Sherman

By 10:30, the crowd was completely amped up and ready to see the film. So, without hesitation, the Level 1 squad pressed play.

Pleasure is split up into “exhibits” rather than segments—a nod to the fact that these athletes and filmmakers from Level 1 are truly creating art, not just your average ski production. The depth and variety of these exhibits are vast; from big-mountain skiing in Alaska to urban slayage in Switzerland, every clip is impossible to look away from. The stunning visuals and mind-blowing action somehow manage to collectively build on Level 1’s many previous films. In other words, Pleasure just might be the group’s best offering yet.

We won’t spoil the whole film for you (you’ll have to go see it yourself to comprehend its impressiveness), but we will spill the beans on three especially crowd-pleasing exhibits: Magnus Granér and Pär “Peyben” Hägglund’s shared street exhibit from Finland and Russia; the exhibit featuring KC Deane, Tanner Rainville, Wiley Miller and Tatum Monod ripping pow in British Columbia; and the big air-filled exhibit from Snowbird featuring a huge squad of Level 1 shredders.


Tanner Rainville in typical form; sending it deep at Eagle Pass, British Columbia. Photo: Elliott Bernhagen

@magnusgraner gettin' down in Russia this Spring for #pleasuremovie ???? @alric.se

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We knew that Pleasure would be awesome; with Level 1’s track record, it was obvious that last evening was going to be incredible in every way. But we really didn’t know the film would be this awesome, this unique, this crowd-pleasing.

So, no matter how you plan to get ready for winter 2016-17, make sure watching Pleasure is on the agenda.

To watch the film’s trailer, click here.

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