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Level 1’s ‘PLEASURE’ trailer is here and it’s going to blow your freaking mind

Denver-based Level 1 Productions just released the trailer for its new film, PLEASURE, an action-packed, culture-filled masterpiece with a long list of featured athletes and locations. The film is aimed at capturing the one-of-a-kind pleasure we all share as skiers.


Cover art for Level 1’s new film, Pleasure.

“I pride myself every year on us having what I consider the most well-rounded films out there as far as the scope of the action, from urban to backcountry to park to big-mountain and everything in between,” says Level 1 Founder and Director, Josh Berman. “I’d claim that this is probably our most well-rounded film yet, and that’s saying something.”

Berman attributes the success behind the making of this film—as well as every other Level 1 offering—to the athletes. He says their creativity and hard work are completely irreplaceable.

“It’s the athletes who go through hell, trudging in waist-deep snow for hours on an approach for a single line in the backcountry. And the athletes who spend the bulk of their winter hurling themselves down concrete stairs,” says Berman. “Oftentimes, they’re barely able to walk at the end of the day, but it’s still what they want to do, and they wake up every morning—even after an injury—and do it again.”


Wiley Miller and KC Deane “trudging” in Haines, Alaska. Photo: Freedle Coty

We expected nothing less than greatness from the PLEASURE trailer, but after watching it (and watching it again a few more times), we are 100-percent hyped and cannot wait to see the world premiere on September 10 in Denver. Stay tuned for a list of other premiere locations, and watch this thing with us on repeat in the meantime.


Tanner Rainville in typical form; sending it deep at Eagle Pass, British Columbia. Photo: Elliott Bernhagen

Featured athletes: Will Wesson, Sämi Ortlieb, Tanner Rainville, Wiley Miller, Laurent DeMartin, McRae Williams, KC Deane, Khai Krepela, Sandy Boville, Magnus Granér, Mitchell Brower, LJ Strenio, Josh Bibby, Rob Heule, Ben Smith, Ethan Swadburg, Shay Lee, Jonah Williams, Pär Peyben Hägglund, Arkadiy Kazakov, Thayne Rich, Keegan Kilbride, Garrett Russel, Tsubasa Tanimura, Tatum Monod and friends.

Featured locations: Eagle Pass, British Columbia; Gulmarg, India; Kirovsk, Russia; Secret Valley, Switzerland; Washington D.C.; Snowbird, Utah; Haines, Alaska; Salt Lake City, Utah.


McRae Williams getting creative in Secret Valley, Switzerland. Photo: Christophe Voisin

Behind the scenes of PLEASURE

@magnusgraner gettin' down in Russia this Spring for #pleasuremovie ???? @alric.se

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Nerf Masta Blastah™ by @wileymiller [???? @brunolongphotography]

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