Kaya Turski three-peats, takes gold at Winter X 16 Slopestyle

Kaya Turski three-peats, takes gold at Winter X 16 Slopestyle


Well, it came down to her third and final run, but Kaya Turski has won gold at Winter X Games slopestyle again. Kaya was sitting in third place prior to her final run, and it took a meteoric effort—not to mention a switch 1080—to overtake Devin Logan on the last run of the contest. And the 2009 slopestyle winner, Anna Segal, found her winning ways once again, grabbing third.

With the win today, Kaya has taken gold three times in a row here in Aspen (four medals total) and two more golds at Winter X Europe in Tignes. For those who re counting, Kaya has increased her X Games win streak to five. But despite her win today, Kaya deflected the credit to the entire field. "I've never seen the level so high as I've seen it today,” Turski said. “Everyone is taking training seriously, eating well, and working hard, it's going to be a crazy couple of years."

The women's contest was scheduled for the early afternoon, as the clouds were starting to roll in and squeeze out the sunshine that the men enjoyed earlier in the day. Weather cooperating or not, the women put it down this afternoon. Here's how the top three runs broke down.


Kaya Turski airs over the gap

Kaya started off by hitting the first rail switch and grabbing safety as she came off. She then hit the left rail option and gapped the down to switch on the second feature. She then fired off a switch 540, 540, switch 720 and switch 1080 in rapid succession.

Logan, who needed her third run to grab a medal as well, kicked things off by hitting the top rail switch to 270, followed up by a switch lipslide on the down rail. Her jump line went 540 to switch 540 to cork 720 to rodeo 540.


Anna Segal amidst a corked 720

Anna Segal, who was sitting in first for almost the entirety of the contest, started off by 450-ing off the top rail. She then slid the the down rail to switch which went immediately into a switch 540. She followed up the first jump with a right side 360, corked 720 and rodeo 540.

But beyond the top three, the women were dropping a ton of 720s (from Olenick, Dahlstöm and R. Battersby). Keri Herman and Ashley Battersby were putting down switch 720s on the reg. A lot of right and left side spinning was caught throughout the contest. The progression from the ladies was on point today, and certainly a sign of times to come.


(L-R): Devin Logan, Kaya Turski, Anna Segal

Women's Slopestyle final results: 
1_ Kaya Turski – 95.00
2_ Devin Logan – 92.33
3_ Anna Segal – 90.00
4_ Keri Herman – 87.00
5_ Ashley Battersby – 86.00
6_ Dara Howell – 81.33
7_ Emma Dahlström – 77.66
8_ Meg Olenick – 71.00
9_ Rose Battersby – 51.00
10_ Kim Lamarre – 39.00


Keri Herman, switch 540

This brings to a close the first of five freeskiing events this weekend. Tonight the men take to the slopestyle course, for their final event, while the men's super pipe competitors will enjoy prelims tomorrow. Stay tuned to Freeskier.com for all your X Games information this weekend.



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