Jeff Collie Finds K2 Golden Ticket #3

Jeff Collie Finds K2 Golden Ticket #3

The third scratch ticket has been found, and this one goes to veteran skier Jeff Collie who hails from Virginia, Minnesota.

While Minnesota isn’t known as hotbed of powder skiing, Jeff and his buddies have been going up north annually to ski pow for years now. “I’ve been going up to Retallack, BC for a while now, probably the last 7 out of 10 years,” says Collie. The annual trip up to Retallack necessitated Jeff buying some new boards, to handle the pow that the BC cat op offers.

“I’ve been buying skis for many years,” says Collie. “I’ve been skiing K2’s forever, since the KVC comps.” The Ski Hut, located in Duluth, MN, about 60 miles from Virginia, MN, “usually calls me when something is going on.” If having a chance to win Free Skis For Life can be qualified as “something going on,” then the Ski Hut knows how to treat its customers.

“I wanted to try something with some reverse camber for the pow,” says Collie. White had some reverse camber skis in the shop, so he called Collie to let him know. Collie ended up purchasing a pair of the K2 Obsetheds. “He needed some fat boards,” says Chris White. “I sold him the ski, he scratched [the ticket] and he won!”

“It’s definitely a reason to smile and to hoot,” exclaimed Collie. “I’m very excited to go to the K2 factory and meet Seth and compete for the chance to win free skis for life.”

“It was really cool,” says White. “It was neat to see his excitement. It was exciting and cool to have it happen here, I’m glad that it did. It’s fantastic.” White has known Collie for a while, adding, “He has K2 Recons at home. he knew he wanted a K2.”

Well, Jeff, if you outlast the competition at the K2 factory, you may be riding free K2’s for the rest of your life.

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