iON releases third-generation of Air Pro HD video camera

iON releases third-generation of Air Pro HD video camera

In a press release today, iON has revealed the third-generation of its Air Pro high-definition video camera, the iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi. The camera comes with many of the same great features of its predecessors, including a one-click capture in which the camera vibrates to confirm that the user has turned it on or off; an auto rotation sensor that automatically adjusts the image when the camera is tilted; a camLOCK system that allows the user to tilt or swivel the camera without removing it from the mount; and wi-fi PODZ that facilitate fast wireless uploading and sharing.

iON found that the sweet spot for field of view in POV cameras is actually 160 degrees, and that if the field of view is too much, the picture becomes distorted. The iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi comes with a custom made lens with a 160 degree field of view that can be brought down to 140 to tighten up the angle if need be.

iON also stepped up the mounts for the camera. The company has made available a mount that fits around the user’s head without a helmet, that also doubles up as a goggle strap mount, as well as an SPF board mount that can be placed on the actual ski.

The camera is also the POV choice for such freeskiing athletes as Nick Goepper, James Woods, and Nat Segal. The camera is now available for pre-order at $349.99, and will be shipped starting November 15. For more about the release of the iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi, check out the press release below.

Press Release, Moorestown, New Jersey, October 30, 2013:

iON America, the company that brought Shoot/Share™ Wi-Fi connectivity to point-of-view (POV) cameras, today unveiled its third-generation iON Air Pro wearable, high-definition (HD) video camera. The iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi offers powerful, new features designed to make it easier for users of all kinds—athletes, videographers and amateurs alike—to capture and share high-quality video and still images. It retains the compact size, light weight and fully-waterproof design that have made the Air Pro camera series so popular over the past year.

The company also announced new mounting options that extend the versatility of iON cameras, allowing secure, hands-free use in a wider range of environments.

Designed for professionals and consumers alike, the aerodynamic iON camera line features a number of significant industry firsts, including Wi-Fi connectivity and free cloud storage. The unique iON PODZ™ system—thin, circular discs that attach to the back of the basic camera, adding virtually no weight or volume—extends the capabilities of the iON camera lines. The Wi-Fi capabilities of the iON Wi-Fi PODZ work with the iON app for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to control camera functions and settings, preview the scene before shooting, instantly replay recordings, and immediately upload footage to Facebook, YouTube and other social networks.

The new Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi records HD video up to 60 frames per second at 1080p, with dual streaming to enable users to simultaneously “shoot and share” their recordings. A new, 12-megapixel image sensor offers up to 4000×3000-pixel still-image resolution with superior light sensitivity and wider dynamic range, even in challenging low-light situations. The camera’s “anti-shake” feature minimizes the effects of vibration for crisper images, and its built-in microphone is equipped with noise reduction to minimize the effects of wind and other distracting sounds on the audio track.

Additional new features of the Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi include extra-long, 2.5+-hour battery life and a custom-made, fog-free lens with improved light transmission for top-quality videos and stills, and a 160-degree angle of view that can be customized for tighter 140- or 150-degree angles using the iON iOS or Android app. While retaining the sleek, cylindrical shape of the previous Air Pro models, the camera casing is redesigned and boasts improved underwater capabilities up to 49 feet, with no outer housing required. The addition of a pro-grade metal ¼” tripod screw mount assures stability when used with conventional mounting systems.

“We designed the Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi to be best in class. It builds upon the great features of the earlier Air Pro models, with better image quality in a wider variety of conditions, plus a new, ultra-tough body that will withstand the most demanding environments,” said Giovanni Tomaselli, CEO, iON America. “I’m proud of the strides we’ve made, in just a little over a year, in a competitive market. The Air Pro 3 will take us one step further in inspiring the Shoot/Share revolution.”

Like its predecessors, the Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi offers these exceptional features:

  • One-click capture: Easy to use, with intuitive controls and vibrating confirmation when starting or stopping recording
  • Auto Rotation G-Sensor: Automatically adjusts image when camera is tilted
  • CamLOCK system: Allows you to tilt or swivel camera without removing camera from mount
  • Modular Wi-Fi PODZ (included with the Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi): Enables speedy, wireless uploading and sharing of videos and stills, without adding excess weight to the camera or requiring extra accessories.
  • iOS and Android apps allow use of phones or tablets to start, stop and pause camera recording, change camera shooting modes, transfer files from camera to phone for easy uploading, check battery life, and more
  • Built-in microphone: In addition to the noise-reduction feature, the Air Pro 3 also includes 3.5mm audio-in jack, enabling use of accessory microphones for optimum audio quality
  • Multi-Region AC adapter: Comes standard with camera

The new additions to the iON mounting system are:

  • iON FCS Mount: Makes it easy to secure iON cameras to any board (surf, snow, paddle, wake, etc.)
  • iON Rollbar Mount: Designed for use in motorsports, the new Rollbar Mount can withstand high speeds and vibration
  • Head Strap and Goggle Mount: Enables hands-free use of iON cameras for a wide variety of sports and other applications

Dawn Patison, executive producer and operations director at Lucas Oil Production Studios, appreciates iON cameras’ bomb-proof design and versatility. Her team has been working with iON cameras throughout 2013, shooting motorsports coverage that airs on seven television networks.

“Some of our most exciting footage comes from the iON cameras we mount on cars, bikes and trucks; these shots give the viewer an up-close and personal angle that most cameras can’t get. We challenge these hardworking cameras with some of the most grueling conditions on the track, including end-over-end wrecks, substantial vibration, dirt and clay,” Patison said. “iON’s lightweight, cylindrical ‘mount-anywhere’ design gives us unlimited options to achieve that perfect action shot. In the rapidly changing world of HD camera technology, innovation is a must, and that’s why we choose iON.”

The iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi can be pre-ordered at www.ioncamera.com ($349.99) for delivery starting November 15. It will also be available at select retailers.


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