Gus Kenworthy & Annalisa Drew Win 2012 Aspen/Snowmass Open Superpipe

Gus Kenworthy & Annalisa Drew Win 2012 Aspen/Snowmass Open Superpipe


Gus and his second money bag of the weekend.

Well folks, Gus Kenworthy has completed his sweep of the Aspen/Snowmass Open, with his win in the superpipe competition. This comes two days after Gus took home the big win during the slopestyle competition. Joss Christensen took home the second spot, bringing the Park City native yet another podium this weekend (he took third in slopestyle). And local favorite Alex Ferreira snuck onto the podium with his final run of the day. On the ladies side, it was Annalisa Drew who overpowered the competition to take the win.

With a third straight day of sunny skies and lessening wind conditions as the day continued, the superpipe was primed for all the action to go off. Ten men who qualified from yesterday's heats took three runs in hopes of grabbing the $5,000 and first place bragging rights. Gus, who used his second run of the day to capture the win started things off with leftside 900 tail to rightside 1080 lead tail. Coming in switch, Gus threw down a switch 1080 lead tail to rightside 900 lead tail. His last two efforts contained a leftside 1080 blunt to switch rightside 900 mute. With his win today, Gus becomes the only person to sweep the Aspen/Snowmass Open twice. he also accomplished this in 2010.


Gus en route to his first place finish.

The other weekend's big winner, Joss Christensen was barely nudged out by Gus, a mere three-tenths of a point behind. Joss started things off with a big rightside 720 blunt, which he immediately combo-ed into back-to-back switch 900s. A nice switch 720 on the right wall led into back-to-back 900s, the first being rightside. He capped it off with a flowy alley oop flatspin 360. The fun fact of the day for Joss? He was skiing on slopestyle skis, having blown out his pair of pipe skis the day prior.

Local boy Alex Ferreira and youngster Aaron Blunck were both jockeying for position this afternoon, with Alex stepping his game up with a big double cork 1260 on his final run to inch past Blunck, who skied consistently all day. This is Alex's first podium at the Aspen/Snowmass Open, while he has previously won the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. Blunck improved from last year finish at this event, where he took seventh.


Joss Christensen kicking it off with his 720.

Christian Allen rounded out the top five, with some solid skiing, back-to-back 900s and the sort. He previously finished 4th at the 2011 Aspen/Snowmass Open, so he'll be hungry for more next year. Local man Peter Olenick put down the highest air of the day, his signature first hit alley oop flatspin 540. Pete only stuck one run today, but managed a decent sixth place finish. Simon D'Artois was getting the doubles warmed up in his later runs, but couldn't quite hold on, but the young BC-native showed some promise this weekend.


(l-r): Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, Alex Ferreira, Kendall Deighan, Annalisa Drew, Maggie Stout

James Machon, representing for the UK, skied solidly, but lacked the amplitude or technicality of the higher placers. Geoff Straight tried to lock up a double flip on his third run, but couldn't quite get the whole run to click. And finally, Walter Wood crashed all three runs today, blowing out his binding on his third and final run. An unfortunate circumstance for an otherwise solid pipe skier.


Alex Ferreira making his first Aspen/Snowmass Open podium

On the ladies' end of things, it started and ended with Annalisa Drew. Last year's third place finisher brought the heat as she dropped not only the 900, but also the 1080, a maneuver that only a handful of other ladies have successfully landed in competition. With that she took a commanding lead, holding a 12.2 point margin on second place Kendall Deighan, who snags her first Aspen/Snowmass Open podium. Maggie Stout rounded the podium out for the female competition. Katie Summerhayes was the highest finishing lady that also competed in Friday's slopestyle, taking sixth today.


Peter Olenick doing what he does best, going big.

This brings yet another Aspen/Snowmass Open to a close. One of the premiere post-X Games open events around, the competition and the vibe of the entire event was off the charts. And with GR Fielding and DC announcing the entire contest, the air was filled with knowledge, humor and some self deprecation. We want to congratulate all the competitors for their efforts this weekend as well as a big shout out to Aspen/Snowmass Open for hosting the event. Big thanks to all the sponsors that make this event possible as well.

Men's Finals Results: Women's Finals Results:
1_ Gus Kenworthy – 92.8
2_ Joss Christensen – 92.5
3_ Alex Ferreira – 90.2
4_ Aaron Blunck – 89.2
5_ Christian Allen – 84.3
6_ Peter Olenick – 83.7
7_ Simon D'Artois – 79.8
8_ James Machon – 73.5
9_ Geoff Straight – 67.3
10_ Walter Wood – 29.7
1_ Annalisa Drew – 91.5
2_ Kendall Deighan – 79.3
3_ Maggie Stout – 76.0
4_ Kimmy Sharp – 71.7
5_ Zyre Austin – 68.5
6_ Katie Summerhayes – 66.8
7_ Shannon Gunning – 64.0
8_ Jackie Atkinson – 63.2
9_ Becky Hammond – 56.2
10_ Simone Augspurger – 55.0
11_ Stephanie Lawee – 50.2
12_ Cassandra Sharpe – 40.2
13_ Sophia Tullo – 31.5
14_ Allison Welsh – 15.2
15_ Emi Matsura – DNS

As this was an AFP Gold Level event, what does this do to affect the Superpipe rankings? And how will this affect the Overall standings, as Gus and Joss are both in the running for that title? Visit the AFP website to find out.

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