Aaron Blunck and Annalisa Drew top 2013 Aspen Open superpipe podium

Aaron Blunck and Annalisa Drew top 2013 Aspen Open superpipe podium

Amid heavy snowfall, the 2013 Aspen/Snowmass Freeskiing Open superpipe qualifier and final went down Sunday on Buttermilk Mountain. Despite the difficult conditions, event organizers managed to keep the pipe in suitable condition, providing for an exciting day of halfpipe skiing. Crested Butte’s Aaron Blunck (16) topped the podium on the men’s side, with Aspen local Alex Ferreira grabbing second, and Walter Wood third. On the women’s side, Massachusetts native Annalisa Drew skied her way to the top spot, with Maggie Stout and Jamie Crane-Mauzy following her onto the podium, in second and third, respectively.

The day began with two action-packed qualifying heats for the men (a two run, best run counts format). Between the two heats, twelve athletes advanced to the final (same format). With snow falling throughout the day, much of it collecting in the pipe, speed was a big factor for the athletes. While we saw many individuals struggling to maintain amplitude throughout their runs, others fared well—likely with the help of a solid wax job.

Prior to the men’s final, 12 ladies dropped in for a final of their own. Defending her 2012 Aspen Open title was U.S. Freeskiing athlete Annalisa Drew (18), with a run consisting of a left 9, alley-oop, left 5, straight air safety, left 5 mute, another straight air safety and a left 7. Drew was awarded an 84.4 and $1,500 for her efforts. While we’ve seen impressive 900s and 1080s from Drew in the pipe, we anticipate she will become the first woman to stomp a 1260 in competition. She came ever so close to stomping the maneuver at X Games last month in this very same pipe. Drew indicated she considered throwing the 12 here at Aspen Open, but refrained on account of the conditions.

In second was Ottsville, PA native, Maggie Stout, who linked a run of straight air mute, left 5 mute, right 5, left 5 Japan, straight air Japan and left 720 on her way to the podium. Stout finished third in superpipe at Aspen Open one year ago. Jamie Crane-Mauzy, who also podiumed in the slopestyle contest on Saturday, took third, stomping a run of straight air mute, left 5 mute, right 5, straight air safety, flair safety and left 3.

Speaking with women’s 1st place finisher, Annalisa Drew

On the men’s side, it was Colorado’s Aaron Blunck who emerged victorious. At just 16 years of age, Blunck last month competed at X Games for the first time. Although he missed the podium at X (he finished 7th) Blunck has racked up a few solid podium finishes this season, including a second place finish at the US Grand Prix at Copper, and a third place finish at The North Face PPOS at Copper. Blunck’s winning run here at Aspen Open (his second run of the finals) consisted of a right 9 tail, left 9 tail, flair, alley-oop flat 5 safety, alley-oop double flat 7 and a switch left 7 mute to close. For his efforts, Blunck bagged a score of 92.2 and $5,000 cash.

Behind Blunck in the standings was local boy Alex Ferreira. Ferreira, who took third at Aspen Open in 2012, impressed with a run of left 1080 tail, switch right 7 Japan, left 900 tail, right 900 tail and alley-oop flat 5 mute.

In third was Evergreen, CO’s Walter Wood. No stranger to superpipe podiums, Wood earned his keep today with a run consisting of a right 900 tail, left 900 tail, flair truckdriver, opposite flair tail, right 1080 tail and switch right alley-oop 900 to close.

When the contest came to a close, many competitors strapped back into their skis and headed to the top of Buttermilk to enjoy some fresh pow. Certainly not a bad day here at Aspen/Snowmass.

Speaking with Aaron Blunck, Alex Ferreira and Walter Wood


Men’s Top 10:

1. Aaron Blunck
2. Alex Ferreira
3. Walter Wood
4. Taylor Seaton
5. Geoff Straight
6. Broby Leeds
7. Garett Northey
8. Brendan Mackay
9. John Leonard
10. Billy Mann

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Women’s Top 10:

1. Annalisa Drew
2. Maggie Stout
3. Jamie Crane-Mauzy
4. Zyre Austin
5. Jeanee Crane-Mauzy
6. Keri Herman
7. Hannah Haupt
8. Brittney White
9. Julia Krass
10. Charity Mersereau

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