Gear Up! Summer Sunglasses

Gear Up! Summer Sunglasses

Gear Up!
8 Shades to beat the heat

To celebrate the coming of the North Hemisphere’s summer solstice, we’ve hand picked eight sunglasses that’ll help you beat the summer heat. Whether you’re on the glacier digging, the patio lounging or the club swinging, one of these frames will surely suit your style.

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The Vegus

Company: Electric Visual
Price: $100
We Say: “Whether you’re on a road trip to Hood or a jet to South America, you’ll need a good pair of wire frames. Beat UV rays and jet lag with these bad boys.”

The Cymbal

Company: Giro
Price: $110
We Say: “The Zeiss lenses do more than protect your eyes from UV and optical distortion. Coupled with a sleek style, the Cymbal helps you enjoy the finer things in life.”

The Dispatch

Company: Oakley
Price: $120
We Say: “There are sunglasses and there are sunglasses. Make a thermonuclear statement with these orange bad boys.”

The Fader

Company: Scott USA
Price: $120
We Say: “Sometimes you need a pair that won’t make you look like a gypsy or 15-yr-old hipster. The Scott Fader fits that bill perfectly.”

The Omnibot

Company: Shred Optics
Price: Call
We Say: “Handcrafted in Italy, you might just have to make a trip back to the mother country with these on. The bar will work just as well also.”

The Foley

Company: Smith Optics
Price: $120
We Say: “Named after Axel Foley of Beverly Hills Cop fame, you know these old school wire frames mean business. Equally as stylish paired with your skis or your beach cruiser.”

The Bodega

Company: Spy Optic
Price: $125
We Say: “You know the Most Interesting Man In The World from those Dos Equis commercials? Yeah, he doesn’t always wear sunglasses, but when he does, he prefers the Bodega’s.”

The Panzer

Company: Von Zipper
Price: $75
We Say: “Want to beat back those evil sun rays? The Panzer has got manly lines and even beefier UV protection to help your eyes enjoy the summer.”

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