FREESKIER x J Skis partner to create limited edition “20th Anniversary” skis

FREESKIER x J Skis partner to create limited edition “20th Anniversary” skis

When team FREESKIER got together earlier this year to decide on the best possible ways to commemorate 20 years of making skiing’s independent magazine, there was a resounding “YES!”  when the idea of custom skis popped into play. Now, we are proud to introduce the FREESKIER “20th Anniversary” limited edition skis made in collaboration with J Skis and master shaper Jason Levinthal.

“I suggested Freeskier use ‘The Metal’ ski for the collab because it’s always been a favorite ski of [FREESKIER] employees,” noted Levinthal. “Being located in Colorado it makes sense being it’s the most versatile ski I make floating in pow, blasting through crud, backed by a high energy construction that’s just as fun on the firm snow when the pow is gone.”

Enter the contest below to win a pair to call your own!

FREESKIER x J Skis Giveaway

The skis are based off of J Skis’ popular model “The Metal,” which was ranked at the top of its class during FREESKIER’s Ski Test 2017/18. We’ll talk about custom graphics in a moment—first, let’s dive into the tech behind this badass ski with this excerpt from the Buyer’s Guide 2018:

Our testers’ primary comments about this ski almost always centered on its downhill performance, with one tester affirming The Metal “carves like a race ski on hardpack and groomers.” This balance of power and play is achieved in part by the implementation of Titanal strips on top of, and below, the maple wood core. These strips of metal don’t extend edge-to-edge nor into the tip and tail of the ski; the result is power, stability and dampening where most of the edge-to-snow contact occurs, without sacrificing swing weight in the tips and tails, lending to maneuverability and play factor. “It’s basically perfect,” said one tester.

Striving for perfection, it was easy to choose The Metal as the J Skis model for our “20th Anniversary” custom ski. But what about the head-turning pink and purple design?

“Per usual, I was drawing a lot of inspiration from mountains and peaks,” said FREESKIER’s Art Director, Gunter Jones, about his design for the skis. “We talked a lot in the initial brainstorm and we landed on the idea to have an eye-popping, abstract design… we wanted to make something that stood out in the lift line.”

Get ready to reach mach speed, carve GS turns, plow through chunder, charge the steeps and conquer the entire mountain with these brand spankin’ new twigs by FREESKIER x J Skis.

Find a pair of J Skis to call your own by clicking right here.

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