Freeskier enters the trade space with release of 2015 Trend Book

Freeskier enters the trade space with release of 2015 Trend Book

Almost two decades after the prototype issue of FREESKIER debuted at the SIA Snow Show, FREESKIER is broadening its voice within the industry by releasing the first annual FREESKIER Trend Book. This special issue hits the show floor of the Denver Convention Center beginning Thursday of this week.

FREESKIER’s new trade-based publication highlights the leading people as well as emerging trends and gear within the industry, and provides retailers with an early look at some of the stories that FREESKIER will present to its readers this fall.

“We’re super excited to introduce this inaugural issue,” says project editor, Damian Quigley. “It presents a unique opportunity to align the interests of both the retailer and the consumer.”


The issue is chock full of brand-specific surveys that were conducted by FREESKIER over a two-month period. Nearly 10,000 unique freeskiing respondents chimed in with their opinions and buying preferences on things ranging from favorite brands in the industry to the year’s most effective advertising campaigns.

“Nowhere else can you get this kind of in-depth analysis of the people who are buying ski equipment,” adds Quigley. “Everything from purchasing influences to brand preferences and advertising impressions are presented in a way that retailers and manufacturers can easily digest.”

In addition, readers will find out the people and brands to watch in 2014 and beyond, and also gain a valuable perspective as to what freeskiing can learn from snowboarding’s meteoric rise and fall. Of course, the issue also has helpful tips and info about the not-to-miss events and parties during the SIA Snow Show.

To get your hands on a copy, keep an eye out for the friendly FREESKIER representatives and their little red wagons on the Snow Show floor, Thursday-Saturday. Or, stay tuned to for your downloadable digital version, to be released at a later date.



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