This blog’s for you.

This blog’s for you.

I sit down to write a little somt’n somt’n and the minute I start to type the fog rolls in and the idea gets lost.

My blog this week is your blog. Sit back and think about the epic pow days in your life or that down-flat-down or your first stomp; or maybe even the very first day you put skis on.

These thoughts are your personal ski history and the reason you want to read about skiing or go skiing as much as you can. Whether you slay pow, bumps, jumps, pipe, maybe you tune your ski’s every morning in order to carve up the groomers all day. Maybe you keep your knees in perfect alignment with just the right amount of forward lean. Maybe you are vain enough to try and look back at your perfect turns while making them or for some reason needing to have only sunglasses and no toque even when it is minus 100 C. Even if you only ski once a year, it’s all skiing! It’s just some kinds of skiing are “cooler” than others and some people’s gel job is more important than avoiding frostbite.

Other than picking up some extra hair gel, I made a lot of time to ski last week. I figured with 160 plus cms in seven days, it was worth going for a few turns. With most of my days spent on Blackcomb, my knowledge of Whistler is not up to par. Since the alpine lifts were closed for a day because of snow, I figured it was a good time to wait in the Peak Chair line-up on Whistler. After 45 mins of jumping jacks and waving my frozen hands in the air like I just didn’t care, Peak Chair opened and the schralp was on!

After a good face-deep lap on Peak it was off to Flute and a short hike to the top for a face-deep lap down to Symphony. The rest of my weekend was spent on Blackcomb in Spanky’s and the Blackcomb Glacier.

It is not too often Whistler gets drenched in sun right after a storm but the past few week has been a mix of dumps and sun.

Even though it is Spring, Winter is back in Whistler and it’s good!


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