Awwww Yeah

Awwww Yeah

“Awwww yeah, siiiick!!” played like a broken record in my head all day Sunday! This is what one would hear if they were in my head while skiing pretty much any pow day in Whistler I guess.

It was about 11 am and as soon as we got off Glacier Express we noticed Patrol perched at the top of the boot-pack into Spanky’s Ladder. We hauled ass to the line-up just in time for the “all clear” and it was time to slay some “Der.” (everyone uses Pow and forgets about the whole last part or the word – Der. So Der means Pow from here on out)

As we all know there is a common courtesy among skiers and riders waiting in line for a zone to open. Your spot in line is your spot in line unless you are slow, in that case, getout theway!

There is that saying that goes “no friends on a Pow day.” We all know that is only a saying and friends are what make Der days memorable! So, what happens if they are not your friends to begin with and they pull a dickhead move?

Enter the dude in the old, orange one piece…attire aside, this person’s line up etiquette was poor to say the least. For some reason he saw no wrong in trying to traverse past everyone who was there way before him. Now I understand that sometimes Der can cloud your good judgment, but boot pack etiquette cannot be ignored, especially with 100 locals waiting to get into the goods!

Since this blog needs to span a few age groups, it would not be cool for me to repeat some of the “compliments” this guy received for his “efforts.” I can tell you he did not get into Spanky’s before anyone in line before him. And, for a poacher, he had pretty good balance to not lose his footing and tumble during his many futile attempts to nudge!

Once the crowed started moving it took no time to forget about Mr. Nudger and race to the top to drop into 20 fresh. For myself and the rest of the crowd, including our new orange friend, Spanky’s was money! Waist deep snow enhanced by the howls and shouts of the lucky folks getting into it… all good!!

I don’t agree with the adage no friends on a Pow, I mean Der day. I think you need friends to prove you stomped, slayed, slashed, or whatever you did, wherever you were, on a Der day.


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