Ashley Battersby Wins Dew Tour Breck Slopestyle

Ashley Battersby Wins Dew Tour Breck Slopestyle


The final day of the Winter Dew Tour Nike 6.0 Open in Breckenridge, CO brought snow, snow and more snow. On today's docket? Women's slopestyle finals. With six women and two runs each, the contest was on. And when it was all said and done, Ashley Battersby's first run score of 86.50 held on throughout the day to give her the win. Breck native Keri Herman took home second place and newcomer Jessica Warll snagged the third place spot. The top three runs:

Ashley Battersby — Disastered both the Burlington rail and the flat-down to a switch 540 to a 720 to 270 off the up rail to 360 on the third jump to a 180 on the "money booter."

Keri Herman — Disastered both top rails, switch 540 on the top jump, 360 on the second jump to 270 off of the up rail. Leftside 360 to 360 on the last jump.

Jess Warll — Disastered the Burlington rail, slid the whole flat-down rail, flatspin 360 on the first jump to cork 540 to a revert, to 270 off the up rail, to 360 to a flatspin 360 on the final jump.

Ashley's run was the only one that didn't repeat a trick, but the two podium followers did contain the grabs which were critical to their scores. However, the weather did manage to put the kibosh on a lot of the speed needed for the jumps, as evident in Emma Dahlström's second run as she cased hard on her second run cork 720. Devin Logan also had to put the brakes on, on the second jump in her second run as she felt things slowing up.

As the first women's slopestyle of the year has come to an end, the weather at the next events can only go up. Rumor mill has it that there isn't any ladies events going down at the Killington stop of the Winter Dew Tour. Which means the next go 'round for the women will be Winter X Games 15 in Aspen, CO. This will surely shake up things on the AFP rankings list, since many of the NZ competitors weren't here. Big thanks to Breckenridge, the Winter Dew Tour and all the sponsors.

Women's Slopestyle Results:
1. Ashley Battersby — 86.50
2. Keri Herman — 83.00
3. Jess Warll — 80.00
4. Devin Logan — 70.50
5. Eveline Bhend — 63.75
6. Emma Dahlström — 25.25

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