2016 Gear Preview: Get a sneak peek at next year’s Fischer skis

2016 Gear Preview: Get a sneak peek at next year’s Fischer skis

Fischer has been producing skis since 1924. You read that right. Since founder Josef Fischer built his first pair of planks in his barn in Ried im Innkreis, Austria, the company has been outfitting winter enthusiasts with top-notch gear for over 90 years. Today, Fischer skis can be found on podiums across the AFP World Tour—most notably during Joss Christensen’s 2014 run to an Olympic gold medal—as well as web series, major ski films and more.

From the Nightstick—Fischer’s premier park and pipe ski and Christensen’s go-to—to the completely redesigned Ranger 108ti, to the hard-charging big-mountain Big Stix 122, Fischer knows how to appeal to a wide market.

It’s never too early to start thinking about skis for next season (duh). Enjoy a few highlights from Fischer’s 2015-16 line, located below, and be sure to subscribe to FREESKIER Magazine to see which skis earn the distinction of Editors’ Pick in the upcoming Buyer’s Guide; we busted our butts in the ski testing department this winter and we’re excited to share our findings. Stay tuned for another 2016 ski preview, coming next week.


Fischer Nightstick skis 2016

Dimensions: 114-84-114
Sizes: 163, 172, 181
Radius: 22 @ 181
MSRP: $550

The Nightstick is a regular on podiums these days, thanks in large part to Joss Christensen. To aid Joss’ supreme talents, the Nightstick’s beech and poplar wood core promotes stability without sacrificing pop and play, and carbon stringers help create a torsionally rigid feel. Its symmetrical build is ideal for switch takeoffs and landings while a full sandwich construction ensures optimal power transmission to the edge of the ski.

Motive 95 Ti

Fischer Motive 95 ti skis 2016

Dimensions: 132-95-122
Sizes: 168, 174, 180, 186
Radius: 19 @ 180
MSRP: $850

If you’re an all-mountain enthusiast with an affinity for GS turns, take note of the Motive 95 Ti. A directional shape, double layer of titanal and full camber throughout the majority of the ski promotes torsional strength, edgehold and overall carvability. Its early rise tip and Air Tec Ti core—the combination of titanal and specially milled beech and poplar wood core—ensure the ski performs off-piste, as well as the hardpack.

Ranger W 89

Fischer Ranger W 89 skis 2016

Dimensions: 122-89-111
Sizes: 157, 165, 172
Radius: 17 @ 172
MSRP: $650

Fischer didn’t forget about the ladies with its new Ranger line; female rippers can expect the same all-mountain performance on the W 89 as with its brothers. Like the rest of the Ranger series, it incorporates Fischer’s specially milled beech and poplar wood core for a lightweight ski without losing anything in the stability and carving department. A carbon nose lowers the swing weight and early rise in the tip and tail ensure maneuverability both on and off-piste.

Ranger 98 Ti


Dimensions: 132-98-122
Sizes: 172, 180, 188
Radius: 18 @ 180
MSRP: $750

The all-new Ranger line is a formidable series of skis that excel across a wide variety of disciplines. The 98-mm version can be a daily driver for western skiers, or a beefier option for eastern conditions. Its versatility is owed to Fischer’s Air Tec Ti core—offset milled beech and poplar wood supplemented with titanal that promotes weight saving without loss of torsional strength. Carbon inserts in the ski’s tip also shed swing weight and combine with an early rise tip and tail for ultimate maneuverability. Learn more about the Ranger 98 Ti…

Ranger W 98

Fischer Ranger W 98 Skis 2016

Dimensions: 132-98-122
Sizes: 156, 164, 172
Radius: 17 @ 172
MSRP: $750

The Ranger W 98 is always taking lip from the Ranger W 89 for its full figured shape, but the W 98 doesn’t mind. Its carbon nose and AirTec Ti core—that offset milled beech and poplar wood core we’ve been talking about—makes weight the last of its worries. Its double layer of titanal helps make it strong and aggressive through turns, and early rise tip and tail is maneuverable through any and all conditions you can expect across the hill. Keep on doing you, Ranger W 98.

Ranger 108 Ti


Dimensions: 140-108-130
Sizes: 174, 182, 188
Radius: 19 @ 182
MSRP: $850

The Monarch of the Ranger line, the 108 Ti’s versatile waist width makes it an everyday western go-to ski, or East Coast powder plank. The choice is yours. The special milling of the poplar and beech wood core (AirTec Ti) and carbon inserts in the nose help reduce swing weight, allowing for optimum trickery. However, a double layer of titanal and camber underfoot ensures these skis are stompable and stable across all conditions. Learn more about the Ranger 108 Ti…

Ranger Big Stix 122


Dimensions: 145-122-136
Sizes: 185, 192
Radius: 20 @ 192
MSRP: $900

Now in its third year of existence, the Big Stix 122 continue to promote the mantra “go big, or go home.” A stable (understatement) 122 mm platform, high-density beech wood core and heavy dose of tip and tail rocker promote confidence in deep and big terrain. Carbon inserts aid in reducing the swing weight for those inclined to trickery and voilá! You’re ready for Alaska, Big Stix in hand. Learn more about the Big Stix 122…

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