2012 Skier of the Year: Final round voting now open

2012 Skier of the Year: Final round voting now open

The polls opened on November 1, with 16 skiers pitted against each other in a head-to-head style format. In the weeks that followed, thousands upon thousands of people cast their vote. We are now down to the final two men and two women.

This round’s winners were all pretty clear, setting us up for what’s sure to be an intense final matchup, with three of our four finalists prior SOTY winners. Good luck to Henrik, Tom, Kaya and Ingrid.

Click here to vote in the final Skier of the Year round

See below for a graphical breakdown of each state’s pick, along with age demographics. Please note that ages are based solely on what a voter indicated, so there’s no guarantee as to its accuracy.

Henrik Harlaut vs. Parker White

Winner: Henrik Harlaut
Margin: 63% – 37%

Phil Casabon vs. Tom Wallisch

Winner: Tom Wallisch
Margin: 60% – 40%

Kaya Turski vs. Anna Segal

Winner: Kaya Turski
Margin: 81% – 19%

Ingrid Backstrom vs. Angel Collinson

Winner: Ingrid Backstrom
Margin: 73% – 27%

Note: Ages represent votes internationally. White states indicate a tie. Location data only available for the United States.


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