These were the 10 most popular skiing fails on freeskier.com in 2013

These were the 10 most popular skiing fails on freeskier.com in 2013

Earning the distinction of “most watched fail on freeskier.com” in 2013: an 11-year-old who knuckled a small jump at his local hill, and double ejected upon impact. The poor lil’ guy… YouTube user Bryan O’Sullivan writes, “My 11-year-old tries out the park at Kirkwood for the first time. Didn’t quite work out, but he walked (okay, limped) away from it.” That spill is just one of many goofy vids that racked up some serious views this year; the top 10 are posted below for your viewing pleasure.

#1: Classic Spill: 11-year-old comes up short on first ever jump attempt

#2: Guy hangs from chairlift, falls from 45 feet in the air [Graphic]

#3: “Stop, dude!” Out of control skier airs off knoll, smashes on cat-track below

#4: Guy tells girl to slow down backflip rotation, turns out to be bad advice

#5: How not to do a road gap, by Taylor Graham

#6: Skier fails miserably while attempting first double backflip

#7: Giant moose chases guy on the hill at Sugarbush Resort, VT

#8: Skier catches tips on backflip attempt, face plants hard

#9: Why it’s a good idea to remove your backpack before riding the chairlift

#10: Jump goes wrong for skier in Norway, broken leg the result

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