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Will Wesson & Sämi Ortlieb’s full segment from Level 1’s 2017 classic ski flick “Habit”

This summer, FREESKIER will be bringing you content to keep you cool as the temperature rises. We get it, your mind hungers for a day of frozen faces, beaming smiles, soaked socks and bottomless turns. Whether you’re practicing a pretz 2 at Mt Hood or just daydreaming, we’ll be hooking you up with movies, edits, news and more to keep you stoked and satisfy that ski itch until you can get back to doing the real thing.

If you need a jolt of creativity in your life, you’ve come to the right corner of the internet. The fine folks at Level 1 have offered up an incredible segment for our viewing pleasure, one that features as much technical dazzling as it does creativity. This all-time mashup from the 2017 movie “Habit” is a pairing of a lifetime. Here we see Will Wesson, the stoic LINE Skis veteran who tackles 50-foot rails in his sleep, join forces with Swiss wiz Sämi Ortlieb. Both have different but distinct styles that at first would seem ideal for separate segments, but in reality, they join together like Remy’s strawberries and cheese.

Sämi has been a part of many films and creatives over the last few years. His latest project with Level 1, “Maneuvers,” is a ridiculous blend of top-tier skiing and surrealist stop motion. It’s a perfect example of the jaw-dropping talent that he brings to the world of skiing, and if you haven’t seen it, then stop what you’re doing and click the link above. Will, on the other hand, brings an undeniable technicality to his skiing. He tackles features that would make others wobble and flail with ease and composure. You can find him in nearly every Line Traveling Circus episode and a handful of other Level 1 feature films. While these two have semi-different styles when it comes to their craft, they share a love for creative features and mind-melting skiing. It’s a perfect duo and one of the greatest street segments of all time, in our humble opinion. Smash that play button and dive into the world of Will and Sämi.

From Level 1 – Will Wesson and Sämi Ortlieb’s Full Segment from our 2017 film “Habit.” Free to watch for the rest of time. Enjoy!

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