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Trailer, Tour Dates and More for Matchstick Production’s 2023 film, ‘The Land of Giants’

There are legends of the ski world; those who helped create the spot, culture and community we know and love. Then there’s Matchstick Productions (MSP). The iconic film company has been documenting freeskiing in feature films for over three decades, longer than many professional skiers have been alive. You’d assume that with such an extensive and unparalleled resume, they’d be close to calling it quits. You’d be wrong.

MSP is still pointing the camera at some of the best in the sport and telling stories that attract both veteran skiers and newcomers alike. This year, they’ve turned the story away from the human element and towards the god-like mountains that beckon our attention. Fittingly, their 2023 film is titled ‘The Land of Giants’. The crew heads to the most staggering mountain ranges the world has to offer. From Alaska to British Columbia, Japan to Norway, MSP touches on the elements that bring us together and unite as skiers across the globe. Of course, you’ll still find unbelievable skiing from riders like Sam Kuch, McKenna Peterson, Sammy Carlson, Mark Abma, Logan Pehota, Caite Zeliff and many more of the world’s best. Seriously, check out the full lineup listed in the YouTube comments. It’s as stacked as can be.

Dive into the trailer to get your chest-poundingly excited, and take a look at the Fall 2023 film tour destinations (listed below) to find a stop where you can join in on the party of the year with some of the best people in the community! We can’t wait to see you out there. Click here for tickets.

From YouTube: The story of man vs. mountain is one that has captured our imaginations for centuries. But what if MSP flipped the script? What if, instead of focusing on the human element, we took a closer look at the mountains themselves? That’s the premise of The Land of Giants, a new ski film that explores the most iconic mountains on Earth.

From the Fjords of Norway to the spines of Alaska, we will get to know and understand the canvas that creates the most mind-melting moments in skiing. But most importantly, we’ll come to appreciate their sheer beauty and power. Captured with revolutionary cinematography combined with genre-bending music, The Land of Giants is not to be missed.

Matchstick Productions Fall 2023 Tour Stops

Dates as of 8/28/23 – check MSP’s website (linked above) for added dates

October 7 – Crested Butte, CO

October 9 – Boulder, CO

October 10 – Denver, CO

October 11 – Golden, CO

October 12 – Aspen, CO

October 13 – Breckenridge, CO

October 16 – Seattle, WA

October 18 – Wenatchee, WA

October 19 – Vancouver, BC

October 20 – Whistler, BC

October 23 – Portland, OR

October 24 – Bend, OR

October 26 – Palisades Tahoe, CA

October 27 – Park City, UT

November 3 – Ridgeway, CO

November 3 – Steamboat Springs, CO

November 4 – Sun Valley, ID

November 6 – Bosie, ID

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