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Hallelujah! Candide Thovex just dropped “One of Those Days 3”

Following up on the success of One Of Those Days (2013) and One Of Those Days 2—the latter of which has racked up 18 million-plus views since its release in January of 2015—Candide Thovex has just unveiled the third installation of his smash-hit web series, completing the highly anticipated trilogy.

One Of Those Days 3 was filmed, edited and produced by Thovex himself. As expected, the Flying Frenchman has upped the ante in regards to his skiing performance and film production. We see backflips and double corks; perfect 360s and 720s executed in classic Thovex-tail-grabbin’ fashion; he tree taps; he constructs and navigates tunnels; he’s towed by a horse; he lands a massive air on a 100% grass slope; he jumps over a helicopter (yes, with its rotor blades spinning); and he gaps a group of road bikers, a paraglider and gnarly rock piles, too. All told: Viewers are in for another big thrill. Thank you, Candide, for producing yet another stunner!


Photo via Sjöström/Quiksilver


Photo via Chin/Quiksilver

One of Those Days view count to date: 3,568,128
One of Those Days 2 view count to date: 18,752,985
One of Those Days 3 view count to date: Share away, folks!

Enjoy the first two editions of Candide’s One of Those Days series, below:

Candide Thovex presents One of Those Days

Candide Thovex presents One of Those Days 2

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